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Jo gets her revenge on Johnny.

A chapter in the book AN ORPHAN NAMED JO

Chapter Ten - Part Two

by c_lucas

The next few chapters will deal with Jo being abused. Please do not read if this is offensive to you. I do not write graphic erotica.

MARCH, 1879
Ending of the last Chapter: Jo snuck past the guard and started looking at the beds for Johnny. Half way down the third row, she spotted him, sleeping facing her. She sneaked around behind him and checked her two-handed grip on the metal pipe.
She tightened her grip with her left hand and freed her right hand. Jo tapped him on the shoulder. “Remember me, Johnny.” She renewed her grip.
Jo swung with all her might, connecting with his nose and upper teeth.
Johnny's scream woke everyone. The next two blows were to his bent elbows as he reached for his face.  She raised the pipe as high as she could. A heavy weight knocked her off her feet, but she rebounded and brought the pipe down on Johnny’s right shin.
Johnny screamed louder than before.
Jo’s attacker gained his feet and ripped the pipe from her hand while the other arm trapped her against his leg.
“Let me go! I’m going to kill him!”
“Settle down!” the guard ordered, tightening his hold on her and looking at the juvenile spectators. “One of you get Mrs. Griffin and another get the nurse.”
Jo waited for the guard to loosen his grip, feeling the pipe tucked under his belt.
The guard loosened his hold to turn Jo around. 
She surprised him by stomping on his foot, snatching the pipe and swinging it at Johnny's head.
The guard blocked her swing and got control of Jo. He saw her battered face and ripped bloodied clothing. “Did Johnny do that?” Jo nodded. “I don’t blame you for wanting to kill the little bastard….”
“What’s going on here, Mr. Petersen?” Mrs. Griffin demanded.
“It’s just a matter of revenge,” the night guard answered hugging Jo. “Johnny went too far this time.”
“What is she doing up here?” Mrs. Griffin asked, getting her first look at Johnny.  “My God! Did she do that?”
“I went to relieve myself and she snuck in while I was busy.”  He turned Jo around to face Mrs. Griffin.
“Did Johnny do this?”
“Jo Wiley. Yes, ma’am. I scalded my hand and Mrs. Vincent sent me to see the nurse. Someone attacked me in the basement hallway. When I woke up, I was naked and Johnny was on top of me. He warned me not to tell, then he stood, stomped on my stomach and left.”
A nurse in her uniform came in.
“Take this child to the infirmary, check her out, and treat her left hand. Then keep her locked in the solitary room until I get there,” Mrs. Griffin ordered. “Send me another nurse and the first floor guard.” She turned to the night guard. “Shackle his ankle to the bed. You boys, get back in bed!”  
The guard released his grip and the nurse put her arm around Jo. “Let’s take care of your wounds and get some fresh clothing.”
Jo stared at Johnny without responding.
Mrs. Griffin walked over to them and placed a hand on Jo’s shoulder. “Go with the nurse.  She’ll treat you, get you cleaned up, and give you fresh clothing. I’ll be down to talk with you, later.”
Jo, surprised at the softness in the matron’s voice. looked up.  “Jo Wiley. Can I kill him first?”
“You don’t have to tell me your name each time you speak to me. As much as you want to, I can't let you kill him. Go with the nurse. We'll talk about Johnny when I come to see you.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Jo left with the nurse.
The nurse led her to a screened off area of the infirmary. “My name is Miss Kent. I’ll be giving you a bath after I check you out, but first I want to clean and bandage your hand.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Jo held her hand out.
“Sit in the chair and let me warm some water. Is your hand hurting?”
“Yes, ma’am, but what Johnny did hurts more.”
“I know, but I’ll take care of the hand first. Then I will check you out and give you a bath. Once you’re clean, I’ll treat your other wounds.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Jo remained quiet as the nurse went about her business. At the end, the nurse dressed her in a cotton nightdress and led her to a single bed in a small room. Jo fell asleep as soon her head touched the pillow.
The sound of voices awakened Jo, but she remained still, faking sleep.
“Did the police arrest Johnny?"
Jo recognized the nurse’s voice.  The sound of the second voice almost caused her to sit up.
“No. Several of the boys swore Johnny was with them all day,” Mrs. Griffin said with a voice full of sarcasm. “It’s her word against his, but her actions tells me she knew her attacker. She is quite an amazing little girl.”
Jo appeared to wake up when Mrs. Griffin kissed her forehead. “Jo Wiley. The police didn’t arrest Johnny?”
“She's quite the little actress.” The nurse chuckled. “She had me fooled. I thought she was asleep.”
Mrs. Griffin smiled. “She had me fooled, also…Jo, tell me from the beginning what happened.”
Jo related her story again, ending with, “I woke up and Johnny was on top of me, slapping me. He warned me not to tell, then stood up and stomped my stomach.”
The nurse intervened when Jo finished. “Stand up and take your gown off, Jo.” Mrs. Griffin closed the door.
When Jo stood before them, the nurse pointed out the many bruises in the pelvic area and her neck. She ended with the bruise in Jo's stomach area. “I found semen mixed with blood in her vagina. It looks like Johnny raped her more than once.”  
Mrs. Griffin turned her attention to Jo.  “Get dressed and lie back down.”
“What's going to happen to Johnny?” Jo slipped on her nightdress and returned to her bed.
“At the moment, he is shackled to his bed. Dr. Cohn is tending to him. Besides his facial injury, Johnny has two bruised elbows and a bruised left shin bone.”
“I wish I had hurt him more, like he hurt me.”
Miss Kent chuckled as she tucked Jo in. “I think you have put him in plenty of hurt.”
“So do I,” Mrs. Griffin stood. “I’ll wait until the policeman has talked to you before I decide his punishment.”
Someone knocked lightly. The nurse opened the door. A policeman tipped his hat. “Is the young lady awake?”

Mrs. Griffin stepped forward. “Yes, she’s awake…Jo, a policeman would like to talk to you.”
Jo sat up and looked at the policeman. “Why aren’t you taking Johnny to jail?” She stood up with the blanket around her shoulders.
The policeman eyebrows rose. “This little girl did that much damage to the boy? He has to be three times her size.”
“Won’t you have a seat?” Mrs. Griffin pointed to the chair vacated by the nurse and sat back in her own chair.
“Thank you, ma’am.” He sat and stretched out his long legs and turned to the child. “What is your name?”
Jo curtsied. “Jo Wiley. What’s yours?”
“I’m Officer Brennan. Would you tell me your side of the story?”
Jo looked at Mrs. Griffin, who nodded. Once again she told her story.
The policeman listened, interrupting occasionally to ask a question. While maintaining eye contact, Jo answered each question clearly and truthfully.
When Jo finished, the policeman glanced at Mrs. Griffin. “Would you like to add anything, ma’am?”
“Johnny Dayton has been a troublemaker ever since he came here a few months ago. He bullies anybody who won’t stand up to him. I understand he has tried to bully Jo, but he wasn’t successful. There are several questions unanswered, but I will get to the bottom of this.…Do you have anymore questions?”
“Excuse me, I would like to show you something before you leave,” the nurse interjected.
The two other adults looked at her without speaking. The nurse stepped over to Jo. “Would you mind if I showed the policeman your injuries?”
Jo glanced at the nurse and at Mrs. Griffin, who gave a slight nod. She dropped her blanket and pulled her nightgown over her head.
The nurse closed the door and stepped to Jo’s side. “Do you have any questions, Officer?” she asked as she placed her arm around the injured girl.
With cold eyes, he stared at the bruises and cuts, then softened his look. “I have a daughter about your age.  I can’t arrest Johnny. You be careful around him, promise?”
“I’ll be real careful, sir.” Realizing she wasn't going to get any help from the police, Jo started planning her own revenge.



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