Self Improvement Poetry posted April 13, 2013

This work has reached the exceptional level
Desperate Pentameter Pleas...

Fan Me

by closetpoetjester


I'd like it, if you would and if you can
please fan me, just oblige and then review
Yes, there's no other reason simply than
I do expect, because I just fanned you

No, that is not unreasonable, "my friend"
Because I like your writing, you'll love mine
I'll state you're great, now tell me that I shine
Why is that fact so hard to comprehend?

What's that you say? You don't want to offend?
It's who you read and fan, that you'll decide?
And if front page is crap, you'll let it slide?
I figured it was how much you could spend...

Perhaps I might re-think this shallow plan
It seems I need to EARN each valued fan.



UN-REA-ZNA-BULL = yep 4 syllables folks. Well, today it is.

Firstly the title and poem is not a cheap grab for fans. Infact QUITE the opposite.
It's just to make a point about obligations or lack thereof...

On the odd occasion, some people here that fan you seem to think they have the right to expect you
to instantly fan them back without even reading them first.

Following writers should not be an obligation OR a chore and it peeves me a little to think someone
might be offended if I actually chose to make that decision.

This is addressed to anyone who feels guilty. Don't fan if you don't want the same token, don't
expect fanship back either. The closing line says it in full. After all this IS fanstory, not fluffstory.

This NOT meant to be unkind, just set the record straight for those who don't know me THAT well.

You can take me or leave me, I'm NOT too fussed, but please let ME decide who I damn well follow, as should everyone.
People are busy or have time to burn, but it's THEIR right what they enjoy.

For anyone who's ever felt obliged to follow me because I fanned them...please don't.
Now is your opportunity to jump ship, no questions asked. LOL

Thanks for reading...

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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