Biographical Poetry posted March 25, 2013

This work has reached the exceptional level
A Little Octogrammic Mould Breaker...


by closetpoetjester

(voice...personality, the whole shebang folks!)

I must admit, I know, I own
a voice, unique
Of broken moulds, I challenge throne
with tongue in cheek
I cannot help how I was born
This badge is all I've known and worn
Most tell me I'm astride that peak
my voice, unique

They say I'm just like fresh cologne
with verbs I tweak
Though out of box, there's times I'm prone
to harsh critique
Compelled to write what float's me boat
My subjects so obscure; remote
I'm pigeon-holed, then labelled "FREAK"
with voice unique

A different hum within my drone
I somehow seek
Mundane to star and stand alone
as pen will leak
I have to work with cards I'm dealt
Which sometimes isn't smart or svelte
I've done the paddle up shit creek
in voice, unique

I feel that I've improved and grown
my word boutique
And round these parts I'm quite well known
for loony streak
But I won't change, I can't sell out
Those bucks are not what I'm about
It's fair to say my word physique:
One voice, unique

Uncommon phrase I've shared and shown
from mouth or beak
Same niche you'll find, if you so hone
your own technique
Stay true to self, unlike those sheep
Whose writing sends us off to sleep
Incite a crowd, express - yes speak
YOUR voice, unique!


Sorry to the Octogram experts (not really) but this one has the quintuple Closet Spin...
just me, bein' me. LOL

I just couldn't seem to contain all my uniqueness (or is that modesty?) into just two stanzas folks.

I urge anyone and everyone to write from the heart and shoot from the hip...

and then of course, suffer the consequences.

It, works for me! Well...most times.

I reckon there'd be a lot better poetry around the place here if that was the case...
At the very least, perhaps we'd all be reading something a little different more often.

All I'm saying is it's always good to try your hand at different formats and subject matter and
be open to growing as a writer. You learn NOTHING while you stay safe in the box.

Just do it in a way that remains true to you.

Remember...every word you say here, has been said before.

So take pride in arranging them differently and make yours known...then you'll turn from "unknown"
into "well known".

Also, with a different spin on words, you can often invent new ones.
Why I've added at least 100 valuable contributions the Oxford since I joined Fanstory. Teehee.

Anyway, Closet Lecture and Nightmare...Over!

Thanks for stopping by...

Now, hit me where it hurts...I just dare ya.
Bring it!

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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