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A woman realizes she may not be very observant.

A chapter in the book The Supernaturalist's Collection

Never Again

by Axiom Gray

Date Disaster Contest Winner 
“I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m just having a hard time believing you didn’t notice anything peculiar,” a burly, police officer huffed through his bushy mustache. He rolled his sunken eyes, clear signs of someone who was overworked and most likely underpaid. Still, he didn’t need to be so rude to me. It’s not like I was having the best night, either.
“Officer, I’m telling you the truth. They seemed like they were having a lovely time,” I insisted. “After they finished dinner, they left hand in hand.”
“And she never said anything or did anything that might have alerted you that she was in trouble?” the rude officer drilled.
“No. If anything, she seemed to be having a wonderful time. She was laughing and her eyes never left his. Frankly, at the time I wish my date was going as well.”
“Did you at least get a good look at his face?”
“You didn’t catch him?”
“Oh no we did,” he rolled his eyes. “Just takin’ a poll!”
His sarcasm was biting. I flipped my hair back, offended. “I hardly think that was necessary.”
Did you or did you not see what he looked like!” he barked angrily making me jump a little.
“N-No. His back was to me. He was tall and slender. He had longer, dark hair.”
“So, he was tall, skinny, and dark hair…that it?”
“Well, he was, um,” I looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. I whispered: “He appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent.”
“Why are you whispering?”
“Well, we don’t want people thinkin’ there’s a terrorist on the loose killing young girls, do we?” I replied through my teeth, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. For a police officer, this man had no sense of subtlety. “We have to be sensitive to people’s feelings.”
Rubbing his eyelids with obvious annoyance, he shook his head and sighed. “All right, fine. We’ll just need you to take down your statement in writing. Then, you can go home.”
“Thank you,” I breathed a sigh of relief. I could not wait for this night to end. On the top ten most uncomfortable moments of my life, I could easily say this was the worst night I have ever had.
I looked around for Billy, my boyfriend…well, I guess ex-boyfriend, now. He had slipped out as soon as he could once that boorish police officer cornered me to question me about a murdered woman I had only half-noticed in the restaurant.

Even through his repetitious questions, my mind was still reeling from Billy. I couldn’t believe he had gotten me all excited and dressed up so he could dump me. Just last week, he had asked about what kinds of rings girls liked to have when their guy proposed. I had no idea he was inquiring because he had fallen for Janie, my best friend…well, I guess ex-best friend, now.  
A few glasses of Marlow, and Billy sold himself out in a wave of accusatory sobs. He and Janie had been seeing each other in secret for the past three years; more than half the time Billy and I were together. A part of me, I suppose, always suspected. They did hang out a lot, and I thought it a little strange when they bought each other anniversary gifts on the day they became friends.

Walking back to my car, hindsight shined a spotlight on more and more moments where I should have noticed the red flags in Billy’s behavior. He had insisted we hang the mistletoe every Christmas when Janie stopped by for our annual holiday party. I always thought he was just full of Christmas spirit when he dipped her in front of me and laid a long wet kiss on her lips. I actually took a fucking picture! I sent it out to family as our Christmas card! God, I’m the stupidest person alive!

No wonder I couldn’t tell that poor girl in the restaurant was sitting across from a serial killer. Of course, if she was anything like me, he could have been picking his teeth with a severed finger and she might have explained it away as some eccentric whimsy.

“Never again,” I coached myself as I loaded into my car. I met eyes with my reflection in the rearview mirror. “You will never be a sucker again!”

The sooner I got home, the sooner I could put this terrible day behind me. As I traveled down the road, I was laughing bitterly at all the other times Billy had clearly been feeling up Janie in my presence, and I had somehow explained it away. “Never again,” I growled over and over again.

I pressed down on the accelerator and nearly leapt my car over a hill. I could not wait to get home and start my new life with my new resolve. I slowed to a halt at a stop sign. This was the last checkpoint home. I could feel the excitement welling within me. “Never again,” I continued repeating.

A slight knock on my passenger side window caused me to jump with a start. A handsome, dark-haired man smiled charmingly. My breath was stolen by his beauty. He beckoned me to roll down the window. I cautiously cracked the window.

“Good evening, miss,” he said. His voice was like chocolate.

“H-Hello,” I squeaked. My throat had gone completely dry.

“I’m so sorry to trouble you, but my vehicle has broken down and I need a lift just up the road to my house. I’ve walked so far, you see.” His gorgeous face pleaded with me, and my heart urged me to do the right thing.

“You poor thing,” I said. I clicked the unlock button on my door, and I invited him in.

He smiled gratefully and slipped into my passenger seat. “You’re as kind as you are beautiful,” he said.

“Oh!” I giggled. My cheeks flushed, and I could feel a warm sensation building up my thighs. This man was so sexy. He had a musk which filled my nostrils and teased the feral beast within me.

“In fact,” he continued. “And I hope I am not being too forward with this, but I would very much like to take your picture. You see, I’m a photographer.”

“Oh my,” I laughed with glee. This man was it; he was a sign from up above that things were turning around for me. “You aren’t so bad yourself, mister…?”

“Call me Raj,” he said.

“Oo and exotic, too.”

“It’s Saudi Arabian,” he chuckled.

I stopped. “You’re Middle Eastern?”

“Yes,” he replied and then laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m not a terrorist.”

“Oh wow…” I sighed heavily. I swallowed hard. “You are…too funny!” I laughed out loud. He was gorgeous and humorous. I had hit the jackpot. Rolling away from the stop sign, I chuckled vindictively: “If Billy could only see me, now.”

“Who’s that?” Raj asked.

“No one of consequence anymore,” I replied, feeling confident and sexy. “You sure you wanna go home? I uh, don’t live too far from here.”

Raj’s smile slowly widened up his face. “That would be perfect.”

I could barely contain my giddiness. This night had really turned around for me. To think, all I needed was to stay positive. Everything was going to be just fine. No one would ever make a fool out of me again. No, siree! Never again.

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