Commentary and Philosophy Script posted February 9, 2013

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Can anyone really claim they know us completely?

The real me?

by Angels27

Teddy bear, survivor, cool, talented, trustworthy, bubbly, lovable, mysterious, dependable, angel, mother, beautiful, positivity, contagious, naughty, run away bride, forever smile, empathy, perfectionist, sweetheart, question mark, BFF...etc.

You must be wondering at the mixed potpourri of adjectives. I was also flabbergasted with these above words

Let me start right at the beginning. I was in a beautiful contemplative mood last evening. Nobody at home, favorite music in the background with the company of my pets and a romantic novel in hand.

I found my thoughts wandering. I started recalling all the beautiful friendships and the warm glow of memories which I hoard. For me, relationships are the core of my existence. The unbidden thought invaded my mind about the impressions I would have etched in people's hearts.

I sent a message asking my friends to tell me honestly what is the first word that pops in their mind when they think about me.

I was stunned with the responses. The way people perceive me was a revelation.

However close we are to somebody, can anybody really know a person?

We are so complex and we are so adept at subconsciously letting the world glimpse only what we want them to see. We have so many layers and masks and we guard our inherent nature with so much of determination.

The real me: nobody seems to know. The answers I received made me realize how little I might know about my friends and family. It struck me hard, I should never claim to really know anybody. The inexplicable working of a human mind can never be neatly labelled.

We have a basic set of principles on which we try to base our lives. Positivity, honesty, trustworthiness, empathy, these are the principles I try to base my life on.

Maybe circumstances lead me to fall off the wagon, but I get up, dust myself and try to get back
on track. I cannot let the world glimpse my shortcomings and I put up a brave front and march on.

Learn to let go. If we do realize, the people we have placed on a pedestal do have clay feet, it's alright. If they have to be perfect, they should be God.

See the bigger picture. See the love, laughter, fun, happiness they bring to our lives. Enjoy what they share with us. Curb the instinct to dig deep into a person's roots.

Give them their freedom to live with their masks, because remember, we also live with ours.


Life is too short. Learn to live and let live...:-))
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