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By His Stripes I Was Healed

by judelesemann


Isaiah 53: 5  “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”
I have been a missionary since 1990, serving in Nigeria, England, Israel, Haiti, and Mexico. My husband and I were married in 1998 and continue the Lord’s work together in Nigeria, The Philippines, and Mexico. We have seen many miracles in the mission field.
In 2001, we were working with a bible college in Arizona. I had been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for over two years. Lyme’s is a very debilitating incurable disease. I had an indwelling IV port and took daily doses of IV antibiotics and morphine. I was seriously ill. 
My husband, Don, was talking with the mission’s director one day and he asked Don if we would consider going to The Philippines. The Lord touched my husband and he replied, “Of course.”
He walked into my office and shared this with me. I, too, was touched by the Lord. However, going into the mission field with an IV and taking narcotics was not possible. I immediately left my office and climbed the stairs to the prayer tower. 
I fell on my face to God, “Lord, I've gone everywhere you've ever asked me to go, done what you've asked me to do.  I will gladly go serve you in the RP but, I can’t travel half way around the world dragging an IV behind me. You need to heal me. By your stripes I was healed…
Immediately a sense of peace wrapped itself around me, overcame me. The Lord touched me, healed me.  I never had another symptom of Lyme’s.  Praise the Lord! We serve a God of miracles!
A few days later I went to the ER and had my IV port removed. We went off to the RP two weeks later.
One evening we were climbing a mountain to go minister to some indigenous people in northern Luzon. Instead of going during daylight as planned (we were operating on RP time!), we ended up going in the evening. By the time we reached the base of the mountain it had grown dark. As we climbed up a steep path, my foot caught under a root. I tripped and fell on another root. Crunch! I broke my collar bone and dislocated my shoulder. The broken end of the color bone stuck up under my skin. The pain was extreme. We slowly trudged up the mountain. The motorcycles had returned to town so we had no choice but to continue our trek up to the village. 
I finally arrived at the native church exhausted and in excruciating pain. I told my husband he would have to preach for me and went out to the doorway of the little church where it was a little cooler…about 110 instead of 120! 
As I sat there listening to the praise and worship the Lord spoke to me. “You go back in there, preach on healing, have the people lay hands on you and pray for you. I will heal you.”
He got my attention! Immediately I replied, “That’s the best offer I’ll have all night. Thank you Lord!” I quickly returned to the front of the church.
My husband was surprised to see me return.
“I’ll be okay,” I offered. 
I proceeded to preach the Word using Luke 8, the woman with the issue of blood. 
Then, moving forward and sitting on a bench with the people, I shared, “The Lord said that, if you will lay hands on me and pray for my healing, He will heal me!”
They all excitedly gathered around me, laid their hands on me in faith. Their fervent prayers filled the tiny church and poured forth to the Lord.
“Click, click,” my collarbone and shoulder snapped back into place. “By His stripes I was healed…” indeed! I stood up and started praising the Lord, my arms outstretched to the Lord. No pain! No more broken collarbone and dislocated shoulder. 
“Hallelujah!” we all shouted in one tongue. 
We spent the next hour in joyful praise to the Lord for His great love and faithfulness. Our God is a God of miracles. 
We can share many more testimonies of healings and miracles with you…but on with my story.
Our problems don’t always resolve the way we would like them to. Sometimes the Lord has other plans and allows our faith to be stretched and tested. 
In 2007, the Lord sent us on a mission to Nigeria for what was supposed to be at least eight months. Five weeks into the mission I got violently ill and we had to return to the USA. After many medical tests, and a couple of hospitalizations with no resolution, I ended up in the Mayo Clinic. The diagnosis was obstructive colon cancer. The tumor was massive. The medical experts said I would have to undergo extensive chemo therapy and radiation after extensive surgery.
I was totally confused. Why Lord did you send us on a mission and then allow me to become so seriously ill. Where is your glory in this? I was angry and disillusioned.
I went through the surgery. On biopsy, they discovered that the lymph nodes were not affected. I would need no further treatment. The doctors were amazed. But, I was still angry. Why send us on a mission and then pull us back? It just didn't make any sense. Why? I just couldn't see the Lord in any of this. I continually cried out to God for an explanation and received none. He wasn’t answering me.
About a year later, I was sitting in church on a Sunday morning. The pastor was giving a report on a young woman who was dying of cancer.  I felt the old anger rise up in me again. We all went into prayer for her. The Lord began to minister to me. 
He said he allowed me to go through this ordeal with cancer because he wanted me to be a witness for Him, a witness of His healing power. I have always been very quick to bear my testimony about the healings in the mission field.  However, most people don’t feel any connection to what happens in the mission field. He wanted me to bear witness of His healing power to persons around me who are diagnosed with cancer. To show that there is hope even if the outlook is grim. Only the Lord knows our prognosis. He is the Great Physician! 
The anger slowly drained out of me. Yes, Lord. This is just another mission you have called me to.  
Sorry it took me so long to see your hand in all of this. “Here I am Lord, send me!”
I have since been able to offer hope in the Lord to many people who are suffering from cancer or other illnesses. From my heart I can honestly say,” I know how you feel!”
I am on one of the most difficult missions ever.  But, “He is able...” and so am I.


In our missions work we have seen a multitude of miraculous healings. The bible says, "We receive not, because we ask not." We must believe to see the Lord in action.
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