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For the Love of Football

by dejohnsrld (Debbie)

For the Love of Football?


A few of us probably remember life without television. That was back when we lived life rather than simply watching it.

Many of us probably remember life with one black and white television which was on for special events such as the nightly news, Lawrence Welk and Saturday morning cartoons. Back in those olden days, everyone knew how to turn the television off.

Next came the advent of color television, with a larger variety of shows on the three channels available. They still had a power button and if you happened to leave it on, the stations would go off the air at midnight accompanied by an obnoxious tone or static.

Sometime in the ‘70’s, televisions started to multiply rapidly as did the number of stations available. Soon, there was a television in most every room and each would play a different channel. Power buttons were still used and children actually went outside to play in the evenings.

In the ‘80’s, cable started to slowly, but surely, take over the world. If the television was off, it was generally assumed it was broken.

Now televisions are rarely, if ever, turned off.  I know people who actually don’t realize what the buttons on the front are for, and think without a remote, the television can’t be changed. Now instead of actually living our lives, we watch reality television.

Now, none of this has anything to do with my observations this past football season. Instead of people watching different shows on different TV sets, it seems as though football must be playing on every TV, and they are all playing the same game. It is like a TV salesroom where all sets play the same channel. Should I decide to watch something else, such as my favorite Law and Order marathons, I soon note the television has been changed back to football, even though no one else is in the room.

 I have nothing against football other than I don’t care to watch it. Hopefully the season will soon be over and televisions will soon revert back to sources of entertainment.

 It is over after the Super Bowl isn’t it? Please?


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