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Sean and Victor start a new trade

A chapter in the book AN ORPHAN NAMED JO

ch4 pt1 Sean's True Colors

by c_lucas

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Sean and Victor are in a more profitable business.

This is a very violent chapter.

Nineteenth Century Billy Clubs

End of Chapter Two
Part Three:
June, 1877 

(Sean’s ending testimony.)

“I be waking up in the presence of an Angel offering me a glass of water. Th' Divil still be having a hold on me, and I be lying to her, giving a false name. A few nights later, I be betraying Dr. Foster by stealing a bottle of his special-treated wine. I be thanking God that th’ good doctor caught me and revealed me evil ways to Judith. He threw me out of his group and right into th' loving arms of Jesus.” Sean opened his mouth as if to say more, but he couldn’t. He wiped his eyes and turned toward Judith and her brother. “Thank you for showing me th’ way back ta Salvation.” Sean turned and ran off the stage, pushing helpful spectators aside.  Victor, looking surprised and shocked, ran after him, pleading for him to stop.

Sean slowed when he reached the train yard, stopped completely when he came to the cattle cars and turned. “Well me Victor, be yeh thinking they bought me tale?” He started laughing.
JULY, 1877
Sean jingled the newly acquired gold coins in his pocket and retrieved a silver dollar and quarter.  The latter two he switched to the other front pocket. He stopped outside the door of his and Victor’s room.  Thirty minutes later, he heard the sound of the lock being released and hid in the nook by the third floor landing.
“You are worth every bit of the two dollars you charge,” Victor’s filtered comment caused Sean to smile.
Victor, me friend,  yeh be getting initiated into me new line of work.
“It’s a shame I have to charge you, I should be paying you,” her voice had a false sweetness to it.
The door closed and the woman freed a velvet purse from her garter belt. Sean watched as she put something into the purse and replaced it.
Stifling a laugh, Sean tightened his hold on his metal billy club and waited for the whore to get to the first step down. He slipped from his hiding place, covered her mouth and struck the startled woman behind her right ear. With practiced ease, he caught her falling purse as he lowered her to the floor.
“Ah, me darling, yeh be paying both of us, tonight,” he whispered in her ear. Soon Sean had her in a fireman carry over his shoulder and hurried to the room.
Three light taps and the door opened. “What the….”
“Close and lock the door,” Sean pushed past Victor and dumped his burden on his own bed.  “Empty the purse and take your things from it.”  Sean disrobed his brown haired victim, sliding the coin purse into his own pocket.
“How did you know….?”
Sean interrupted his friend. “Where I come from, these dolly mops stole more from their johns than they be earning.”  Sean used the woman’s undergarments to tie her spread-eagled on the bed.

“Now, Victor, me lad,” Sean began to undress, “check out her garments for hidden places. Do it behind yer curtain so I’ll be having a bit of privacy.” He removed his pants, careful to keep the coins soundless.
“I’ll be needing her clothes,” Sean said. Me Victor, thanks for being so patient.
Victor walked around the curtain just as Sean pulled up his pants. “This little thief was very busy.” He set several things on the small table. "Her skirt had several hidden pockets.”
“You be finding them all?” Sean slipped on his suspenders, then his shoes. He bent and tied the laces. “Divide the booty and find a hiding place in yer side of room for yer share.” He started freeing the woman.
“Don’t you want to check everything first?”
Sean stopped untying the woman’s foot. “If a man not be trusting his own roommate, who can he be trusting?” He stopped and pulled a small chest of drawers aside and pulled up a six-inch piece of the floorboard. “Place me part softly on top of th’ ceiling below us and replace everything.”
While Victor busied himself hiding his share, Sean untied the whore, but left the gag in place. “Here be th’ tricky part,” Sean said, as Victor came back on his side. “We be needing ta get her to the clean cattle cars heading for Kansas. 
“How do we do it without anybody seeing us?”
“First we need ta be getting her out of this house. I never be needing to take a whore from a house before. Put all her other clothes into the bag and don’t be leaving anything. Leave the bag with me. Be yeh as quiet as a mouse and check each floor.”
“Right, everyone should be sleeping,”
“Don’t yeh be forgetting the privies.”  Sean warned as Victor slipped from the room.
Sean waited until he heard Victor trying to be quiet on the stairs. When everything remained quiet, he put the whore over his shoulder and slipped the bag between their bodies. He quietly closed the door and hurried down the stairs, using the inner edge of the steps.
He saw Victor at the far end of the line of Privies and stood against the building as Victor hurried his way. “Take th’ whore.” Sean shifted the woman to Victor’s shoulder. “When I be raising her bloomers, stop. When I lower them, come quietly, but as fast as yeh can. We be going ta’ the clean cars.” Sean left with his arm raised at shoulder height; the bloomers tight in his fist.
As he expected, he found one of the yard men lying on the ground, sleeping off a drunk. Sean signaled to Victor with the bloomers in his left hand, withdrew his billy club and struck the drunk on the head.  He switched hands and wadded the garment in his fist.
Victor, looking both ways in the dark, hurried to him. “Is he dead?”
“I not be knowing, but he be quiet; much quieter than yeh. We be at the back of the dirty cars. One more guard be around here, somewhere.”  Sean started along the cars and stopped. He smiled. The second guard’s loud snoring revealed his location. Sean signaled Victor.
“Why haven’t you struck him?”

“I be waiting for yeh.”  Sean lifited the girl from Victor’s shoulder. She moaned and he set her on the ground. He handed the club to Victor and, using her hair, pulled her head to the left, exposing her right ear. “Hit her hard!”
In his panic state of mind, Victor struck the whore a near-fatal blow.
The sleeping guard awakened a bit disorientated coming from his deep sleep. “ What…going…on?”
“Hit him!” Sean ordered.
Victor brought the club down on the top of the guard’s head, killing him.
“Hurry.” Sean called at Victor.
The train started moving.  Victor came out of his daze and hurried after Sean, who dumped the whore into the open door and jumped in after her. Victor followed.
“We be having fifteen minutes to finish.” Sean ripped the dress off their victim and threw it in the corner. “Be yeh ever wanting ta get even with a woman by beating her?”
“I've dream about beating Heather Sullivan for what she did to me.”
“In yer mind, let the bitch be this Heather Sullivan. Get yer revenge. Yeh be having very few minutes, so beat and kick her hard.”
“Okay, the train is slowing. We best not be seen together, jump off and I’ll meet yeh at our room. I be leaving the room unlocked. See that it be unlocked when I get there.”
Sean waited until Victor jumped off the slowing train. He gave the unconscious whore several blows on the sensitive part of her head. “Thank yeh fer yer hep, me dahling. Yeh be me token.”  He emptied the bag of useless booty around her head. 
Sean pulled the bag over the dead whore’s head to her lips. He pulled out his six-inch folder and cut off her head. The last thing he did was set burden on the ground and sealed the car with Victor’s seals. Satisfied, he picked up his token bag.
On his way back to his rooming house, he found a long stick. Once he arrived at his rooming house, he went to the back and hid in the shadows. Using his feet, he searched for rocks. He placed the heavy ones in the bag, took a string out of his pocket and tied the bag closed.
He dropped the bag down the honey hole and pressed on it with the stick. Satisfied, he threw the stick far behind the privies. “Judith, me darling, I be wishing I could do the same to yeh , but I be having different plans for yeh and yer brother.”

19th century slang
An insult


Image: Wikipedia, "19th Century Billy clubs."

The Proglogue is a list of characters and chapters' URLs.

Abbreviated list of dialect:
Divil = Devil
Fader = Father

Story Line:

This will be the story of Caitlin Anna Wiley. Her name will change to Jo Wiley when, as an orphan, she is arrested for stealing an apple, valued at two cents.
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