Biographical Poetry posted November 16, 2012

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Woodstock (1969)


by Rmocruz

I'd like to slip back to the sixties awhile,
one look at the hippies would bring a smile.
Girls in short skirts and guys with long hair,
Volkswagen vans parked everywhere,
and the smell of smoke was in the air.
Then peace and love was the golden rule,
in those days I was a tie-died fool.

With a joker named Bob who was hell bent,
unbeknownst to me and without my consent,
as I rode in his car off to Woodstock we went.
The longer he drove the closer we got,
until Route 17B was a parking lot.
So we left his car near track Monticello,
to follow a pack of the freakiest fellows.

When we arrived at the concert grounds,
didn't need a ticket the fences were down.
The multitudes were beyond description,
too many dudes without a prescription.

At Yasgur's farm we had to endure,
endless rain and the smell of manure.
Having just turned twenty, feeling that age
we zig-zagged the crowd to reach the stage.
Sunshine Superman jumped from a tower,
to fall to his death without even a flower.

Keith Moon broke his drums in a fit of rage,
then proceeded to kick them off the stage.
John Fogarty played an awesome guitar,
Country Joe protested the Vietnam War.
Three days in the rain knee deep in mud,
the Higher Man hit the ground with a thud.

Being confused, spent, hungry and tired,
didn't prevent me from getting inspired.
There I met a girl who was not a lover,
where a movie camera put us on the cover.
Yes I'm the dude with the hair like a rug,
in her dirty wet blanket I gave her a hug.

Too much talent to mention in a little poem,
so just like Alvin Lee"I'm Going Home."
As I was leaving Jimi Hendrix was playing,
to end this concert, for those who were staying.
Such a masterpiece of artistic genius,
as timeless as the statue of Venus.

So envy all of those uncles and aunts,
for their twentieth century renaissance.
The hippies, yippies and angry men,
with their acid rock, yoga and zen.
I remember them then as I look back now,
changing the world but not knowing how.

This story is true just the way I tell it;
now today I' m a psychedelic relic.
I guess some things are just meant to be,
when the best things in life are truly free.


Based on a true story.
Thank you avmurray for the groovy art.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by avmurray at

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