Fantasy Poetry posted November 12, 2012

This work has reached the exceptional level
The sequel to 'Too Close for Comfort'

Where Men Shouldn't Wander

by Cindy Warren

Life was painful for poor Blake
After his night beside the lake.
He spent a week sick in bed
Tsunamis in his stomach and tornados in his head.

He told tales of woe to his brother Ben
Who said "wait till you're well and then,
We'll catch those fairies outside their den
And teach them not to mess with men.

They made you sick and caused such fuss,
Now we'll make their magic work for us.
I have a plan to take them down,
In jars we'll bring them back to town."

The boys set out at the break of day
With plenty of time to find their way,
Came to the place where Blake had been
But there was no mound to be seen.

"Fairy magic always hides their mound,
You won't see them, but they're around.
We'll set our traps, then sit and wait;
I have plenty of mushrooms to use as bait."

Ben's plan was simple if not too nice,
Sticky papers for catching flies and mice.
Traps to surround the fairy mound,
A plan the brothers thought safe and sound.

A passing fairy just happened to see
Mushrooms hanging oddly from a tree.
Smelled the two humans hiding nearby
Being no fool away she did fly.

She dashed off in a frenzy to tell the queen
Of the humans and odd things she had seen.
The queen called her legions to a scene so curious
And what she saw made her more than furious.

She saw the strangest papers on the ground
Still more were hanging all around.
Said "I know not what that might be,
But if the mushrooms stick so will we!"

At the papers flew leaves and dirt,
The queen made sure no fairy was hurt.
Said Blake, "They know what we have done,
And brother Ben, we'd better run!

The boys got up ready to flee,
And all the fairies laughed with glee,
Anticipating their queen's strong magic,
Knowing for two humans it would be tragic.

She said "You've created debt that must be paid;
You'll be clearing that mess the storms have made.
Your punishment may seem rather cruel,
But clearing that will take a man and a mule.

On alternate days each of you must shift,
When the work is done you may keep my gift.
Then you may return to your human den
Still both at once you'll not be men.

One brother each day may be a human fool
While the other still changes into a mule.
Learn now what you should have known
Fairies are best left alone.

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