Fantasy Poetry posted November 7, 2012

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A Lento

Ashes To Ashes

by rosehill (Wendy)

Haunted by her fathers death.
Vaunted child, to servant's role.
Taunted with their every breath.
Flaunted wealth, her home they stole.

Scrubs the chimney sweeps the ash.
Rubs the silver makes it glow.
Grubs for supper from their trash.
Stubs of candles gutter low.

Seeming to be meek and cowed.
Steaming with the insults hurled.
Scheming stepchild, plotting, proud.
Screaming self inside her, furled.

Sates their every whim, command.
Plaits their hair with fingers numb.
Hates each servile act's demand.
Waits for any fallen crumb.

Sashes for their lovely gowns.
Clashes over jewels and hair.
Lashes from their tongues and frowns.
Ashes for her heart to wear.

Sighing as she sweeps each grate,
Drying tears she can't allow.
Vying with her vicious fate,
Crying out she makes a vow.

"To the ball I'll find a way.
Through my wiles, a crown I'll catch.
Rue the day, for then you'll pay.
True love, ha! The prince my match"

Drew she blood spells from the ground.
Grew the pumpkin coach-and-four.
Through dark magic groomed and gowned,
Coup begun, revenge in store.

Fairy wrought glass slippers spun.
Tarry not, till midnight lent.
Marry him, there will be none
Wary of her true intent.

Wed to Prince, his kingdom shared.
Dead stepsisters, how, who knows?
Dread the fate of those who dared
Tread on Cinderella's toes.

Let's write a Lento! contest entry


O.K., so it's not the Disney version. In two other versions, Cinderella either got her revenge by enchanting the step-sister's shoes and they danced themselves to death at her wedding or crows pecked out their eyes and they were blind forever more. Thank you to GoogleArt for the artwork.

The poem must be in Lento format: A minimum of two stanzas, four lines each, but no maximum number of stanzas. In every stanza, the first words of each line must be a monorhyme. The end rhyme for each stanza can be ABCb or challenge yourself and use ABab.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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