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A chapter in the book The Rough Journey of Survival

The Rough Journey of Survival

by Survivor48

About writings on poetry and personal statements. I write about my horrible experiences that I have endured throughout my life, including my time spend in prison.

As I’m drowning in my own misery,
I struggle to reach the surface of the water.

When I try to swim up to breathe in air,
External forces pull me deeper into the sea.

I will fight the obstacles of the sea because I want to survive.

When I am able to breathe in oxygen,
I am going to live a wonderful life.

                                                                         Right and wrong

Major fights with friends and family usually last long because each Individual believes his or her cause is right and the other person’s objectives are wrong. Most of the time both people are right and wrong, but in different ways. The problem is that some human beings are egocentric people who want to be right on every occasion, especially when it involves their pride. How do you resolve a conflict when nobody wants to admit their mistakes? First, you have to remember all those glorious moments that you shared with that individual, and then you have to ask yourself if excommunicating this person from your life is worth giving up extraordinary occasions in the future. If the answer is no, you have to discover a way to form a truce. Admit your errors and hopefully the other individual will confess to his faults. Friendship and love are too precious to abandon over one fight.



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