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A chapter in the book The Rough Journey of Survival

The Rough Journey of Survival

by Survivor48

About writings on poetry and personal statements. I write about my horrible experiences that I have endured throughout my life, including my time spend in prison.

                                                                         Imperfect Families
Many adults dream of having the perfect family, just like the characters on television shows such as Family Matters and Full House. When we become adults, we realize that this is an unrealistic dream because the fictional families on television are the exact opposite of reality. Unlike on television, life is imperfect. We should admit that our previous bad acts may have caused adversities within the family and led to rigorous circumstances. In the past, many people dwelled on the conflicts that we encountered within the family. Now, when individuals become mature adults, we should be capable of leaving the past in the past. We should all be able to have an excellent relationship with each family member and accept all of the imperfections within the family.

                                                                  What is Righteousness?                                           
When a person decides to perform a righteous act, is that individual really executing a virtuous deed? Some people will carry out a noble action for their egocentric needs. There are people who will fulfill a respectable deed to seek the approval of God. Individuals will accomplish honorable acts in order to expunge their sins from a guilty conscience. People will engage in an ethical deed in order to experience a joyous emotion. When is an honest action actually righteous? A righteous act is honored when a person completes a moral deed without a self-centered cause. An individual should never practice a decorous action if he or she is considering how the worthy act will affect his or her own demands. If every individual reenacts a righteous deed without a selfish ambition, this imperfect world will be a little closer to perfection.

                                                                      Limited Friends
Competition is a common characteristic of an adolescent. Teenagers compete over many topics that can lead to controversy, especially an issue known as popularity. I have witnessed numerous acts that adolescents committed in order to be accepted by their peers. They perform loathsome acts, like fighting and speed racing, just to seek the approval of their friends. I saw people consume drugs and alcohol in order to gain the acceptance of their peers. Is having many friends who will encourage you to commit immoral acts worth sacrificing  your future? After high school, most friends become acquaintances or the friendships become nonexistent. Today I have limited friends, but these friends helped me through all of my problems; they will always support me during my glorious moments as well as my horrendous moments. Choose your friends wisely and focus on your future.


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