Children Fiction posted October 6, 2012

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Baby Ant

Antilia and her sugar treat

by hargunanand

Baby ant called Antilia, lives in uncle Sam's villa.

Page 2
She likes cookies and sweets but sugar is her favourite treat.

Page 3
"Yay! There is a tea party" cried Antilia, "I want to join the fun too."

Page 4
"That's not a good idea," says mother ant, "you may get into trouble."

Page 5
She foolishly ignores her mother's advice and heads towards the bright red door.

Page 6
She walks along the wall to enter the party hall.

Page 7
"The table looks bright and colourful with food so delightful" she thought," but where is sugar, my favourite sugar?"

Page 8
She looked all around the table to find a sugar bowl placed near the tea pot.

Page 9
She hurried and got into the bowl to relish tiny bits of her favourite cuisine.

Page 10
"Oops! That wasn't suppose to happen." Someone placed the lid over the bowl.

Page 11
"Oh! Please open it, get me out of here" pleaded Antilia but no one could hear her voice.

Page 12
She had an idea. She squeezed herself into the sugar crystals to get scooped out with the spoonful of sugar.

Page 13
As soon as she came out on a spoon, she jumped to save herself from a hot cup of tea.

Page 14
"No, not again" she fell straight into the bowl again and the lid banged on it.

Page 15
"God, please save me, I didn't listen to my mother, promise I will always follow her advice" sobbed Antilia.

Page 16
"Hey, Sugar baby, what are you doing in there?" She heard a voice from behind her, surprised, she turned around and saw Antonio her best friend, peeking from outside the bowl.

Page 17
She remembers her mother telling her, "Antonio is sensible and smart and grown-up in their group. He is kind and caring too."

Page 18
"O, Antonio please help me!" requested Antilia .

Page 19
"Hey! I love parties and birthday cake is the best bit, I am going to have my share, want to come along?" asked Antonio.
"Only if you could get me out of this cage" said Antilia.

Page 20
"Look, it's so easy, climb up the bowl and hold the lid tight from the centre, remember from the centre and wait for someone to open it. Meanwhile I'll get some cake for you, take care."

Page 21
When the lid was removed once again, Antilia was able to get out. Antonio used his brain to get poor baby ant out of trouble.

Page 22
Antonio put chocolate cream into her mouth as she opened it to say "Thank you." They both burst out laughing.

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