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The wedding night

A chapter in the book A ROUGH BEGINNING

Chapter Fifteen

by c_lucas

This novel is written in the Omniscient point of view. The story takes place is New York's Irish slums. Points of history are intermingled with fiction.


JUNE, 1875
End of  the last chapter:
“Now, I be ready.” He lifted Heather, bags and all.
“What do yeh think yeh be doing?”
“I couldn’t find out when I am supposed to carry you, so I decided to start here.” He climbed the steps and crossed the porch. “Open the door, please.”
Giggling, Heather opened the front door. Phillip passed through and kicked the door closed. He studied the stairs in front of him and shifted Heather’s weight, before starting up the stairs.
“Yeh be thinking yeh be carrying me up th’ stairs?” She put her arms around his neck to better distribute her weight.
“Aye, yeh weigh lighter than a feather.”
Once they reached the top, he shifted her again to hold her with one hand under her as he unlocked the door. They kissed as he carried her across the threshold.
“Wait here, I’ll light a lamp.” Phillip misjudged the location of the table with the lamp on it and walked into the wall. “What??” He struck a lucifer and held it high.

Heather took one look, dropped the carpet bags and hurried to embrace Phillip. “Me brothers be walking dead men.”
“Your brothers are not the culprits. They didn’t have the time to do this.”
“If not me brothers, then who?” Heather looked up at his smiling face.
“Me darling, yeh need ta be asking Brigit, not me,” Phillip said in a perfect imitation of Heather’s manner of speaking. He kissed her on her nose.
Images filled Heather’s mind. “I be thanking yeh, Brigit.”  She hugged Phillip around the waist.  “It be Officer O’Hannigan and his friends. Th’ furniture be in storage in th’ basement. Timothy and me brothers are hiding in th’ hay loft.”
“Aye, we best go get them and get these rooms back to order.” Phillip kissed the top of Heather’s head, removed her arms, placed them at her side and started for the door.
“Slam, bam.…” Bars of thick lumber appeared across the door, fastened with old fashioned padlocks.
“Show me Phillip what yeh be doing ta th’ barn, please Briget.” Images flashed in Heather’s mind and she knew they filled Phillip’s also.
“Brigit locked the barn and created a small blizzard in the hayloft. Your brothers and the policeman aren’t dressed in winter clothing.” He chuckled.
“Aye and we be locked in yer room. Have yeh ever camped out in th’ forest, me Phillip?”
“When I was a young boy, Father used to take me camping.”
“It be th’ American woods and not th’ Irish wilderness?”
“I’ve never been to Ireland.”
“Brigit be wanting us ta close our eyes and undress each other. If yeh peek, th’ magic will disappear. We be taking turns in undressing the other.”
Several minutes later, the newlyweds were in each other’s arms, sans their clothing.
“Can I open my eyes, now?”
“Nay, Brigit’s not be finished. She suggest we explore each other with our fingertips….No kissing. Would yeh be wanting ta see how me brothers and their friend are faring?”  Heather showed him a blizzard on the top of a snow crested mountain with the three men huddling together for warmth.
“Would you be treating me the same way, if I anger you? ... Why am I feeling more than two hands fondling me?”
“Yeh not be wanting ta anger me.  Yeh will be pleasing three maidens, tonight, me Phillip.”
“I thought kissing wasn’t allowed. Why are yeh kissing my lower region?”
“Th’ rule applies ta yeh and me. Brigit and Mrs. Kennedy be making their own rules I be caressing yer face, so yeh be knowing where me hands are.”
“When can I open my eyes?”
“In a moment, but first, I be turning yeh ta face th’ door and yeh be seeing what’s in store for yeh.” Heather placed her hands on his shoulders and turned him. She walked toward the door and turned. “What yeh’ll be seeing is Briget and Mrs. Kennedy’s wedding gift ta us. Yeh may open yeh eyes, but do not be turning yer head.”
Heather and two young maidens stood in front of the door. All three were skyclad and glowed with a pink tint. “Watch carefully, me Phillip.”  The maiden on Heather’s left dissolved into a pink mist and flowed into Heather’s heart, followed by the one on her right. “Our bed of love be awaiting us.” She reached out and took his hand.
Phillip pulled her into his embrace and kissed her softly on her lips. “Shouldn’t I be carrying yeh, me lovely cailin?”
“If that be what yeh want. Maybe I can sit on yer branch.”  Her hand grasped his stiff manhood.
“Nay, yeh be depending upon me arms. Yeh’ll not be wanting to tire him out.”
Phillip turned toward the area of their bed and almost dropped Heather. “My eyes are deceiving me!”
Heather chuckled. “This be part of Ireland that no man be seeing before, or will see again.”
A large stone bed with heart-shaped arches of yellow roses at it head and foot. The matting of the bed proved to be layer upon layer of clover. Male and female fairies flew over the bed; softly playing a quiet melody on their miniature instruments. A pink mist hovered over the bed and a full moon shined above it.
Phillip gently laid his bride on the clover and joined her in their night of ecstasy. Neither tired until long after the midnight hour.
Sunlight shined on the lovers’ faces, awakening Phillip. He kept his eyes closed, blocking the sunlight and tickled Heather’s breasts with his tongue. She placed one arm around his neck, pulled him onto her and guided his manhood into her sanctuary of love.
Phillip suddenly opened his eyes. They were on the floor of the room bare of furniture. “What the….”
“Shush. Let the dream go on.” She pulled his face to her breast, offered him her nipple, and synchronized her hips with his. Neither heard the constant noise outside the unbarred door of Phillip’s apartment.
Breanna stroked her husband's bare back and rested her hand on his buttock before moving it to her favorite place.
“Woman, don’t yeh ever get tired?” Cullen tried to push himself off his wife.
She wrapped her legs around his waist, trapping him. “Yeh be th’ one leaving me with nine children in me belly. I be th’ one ta carry each nine months, so yeh could take th’ credit. Now, I be wanting some fun.”
“Do yeh be knowing yeh be talking ta th’ future Alderman of th’ Sixth Ward?”
“Aye, and it be yer duty, as th’ future Alderman of th’ Sixth Ward, ta keep yer constituents happy and contented. She began nibbling on his ear while her hand fondled his wand of authority.
Being a true politician, Cullen Sullivan, future Alderman of the Sixth Ward, paid attention to his constituent’s needs. 
Caitlin was gently awakened by her mother.
“Me Pumpkin, yeh be having that dream again.”
“Mammy.” Caitlin rubbed her eyes, “What does it mean?”
“It’s just an old nightmare. I not be knowing it meaning. I’ll ask Mrs. Sullivan, maybe she’ll be knowing.”
Someone pounded on the door. Kathleen kissed her daughter on the forehead. “Why don’t yeh be getting dressed and I see who be rude enough ta try and knock down our door.”
Kathleen unlocked her door and opened it. She started to scream but a fist to her face cut it off and drove her to the floor. Sean stood over her.
“The witch be dead and I be back,” Sean Wiley slurred, kicking his wife in the side. When she assumed the fetal position, he kicked at her stomach, but her arms blocked his kicks.
“Yeh leave me mammy alone!” Caitlin flew at the intruder, swinging a broomstick.
Sean easily took the broomstick from her and struck her across the back with it. He followed with a backhand across the girl’s face, knocking her senseless.
“Leave me daughter alone!” Kathleen struggled to her feet and dug her fingernails into her husband’s face.
 “Yeh Bitch!” Sean raised his fist to strike Kathleen.
The door burst opened and Mr. Sullivan, wearing only his pants, supported by red suspenders, seized Sean’s raised arm.  He turned the drunk around and hauled him past Breanna, who wore a dress unbuttoned in the back. She followed him, holding a shirt in her hand.
“Yeh’ll not be man-handling women in me district!” Mr. Sullivan threw Sean, head first, down the stairs.
Sean caught the railing and stopped his fall. “She be me wife and I be treating her anyway I want!”
“Not in th’ Sixth Ward, yeh won’t and yeh’ll never lay another hand on th’ cailin!” Mr. Sullivan started down the stairs and Sean fled.
“Here, dear, put this on.” Breanna helped her husband into his shirt, then turned around so he could button her dress. “I be afraid Sean would come back after th’ news of Mrs. Kennedy’s death spread.”
Cullen stuffed the ends of his shirt into his pants and adjusted his suspenders. “He be right, yeh know. She be his wife and he can treat her and th’ cailin anyway he wants within reason. Even th’ Supreme Court recognizes th’ rights of th’ husband as head of th’ household and can discipline his wife and children.”
Heather straightened the bed’s covering and turned toward her husband. “Everything is back in place and we be having a few hours of sunlight for traveling.”
“I’ll get th’ landlord. He be owing me my five dollars deposit, then we can say our goodbyes ta yer family and friends,”
“Get yeh deposit, but I be saying me goodbyes last night. It’d be hard ta face Caitlin, again. We’ll be leaving for Philadelphia when yeh return.”
“Aye, but I not be getting last night out of me thoughts. It be hard for me ta think of last night as a dream, especially when I saw three nude young maidens and what they did ta me.”
“Yeh best be thinking on one naked young maiden if yeh want a peaceful marriage. Yeh’ll not be seeing Brigit or Mrs. Kennedy in that form, again.”
“Yeh’ll have ta admit, I be having me memories of what happened.”
“Aye, yeh memories are all yeh be having. No one would be believing yeh.”
“You’re right about that. I can’t believe it myself, but didn’t you say that Brigit communicated with you by images and sounds?” Phillip reverted to his normal voice.
“Aye, but what does that have ta do with last night?”
“I hear the laughter of babies.”
“Yeh be hearing the laughter of a baby?”
“Nay, not baby, but babies.”


Thank you, Angelheart for the use of your image, "Enter-Your Own Fantasy."

To tease Heather, Phillip would imitate her method of speaking.

Special thanks to FS's fellow members:
Tonulak (Ted) for his help and providing answers on Catholicism.

N.K. Wagner (Nancy) for giving me insight on how the Irish spoke in the nineteenth century.

MumEsGirl (Kate) for keeping my dialect on track.

Patrick G Cox (Patrick) for his insight into the early Catholic church in Ireland.

For the Irish FanStory members too numerous to name. For their input on 19th century Ireland.

This is a rewrite. Regular readers may not get any rewards.

Caitlin Anna Wiley will change her name to Joanna 'Jo' Wiley when she is arrested for theft of a two cent apple.

Cailin = Irish for girl.
Divil = Devil
Fader = Father
Help = hep
Me = my
Mammy = mother
Mudder = mother
Ta = to
Tay = tea
Th' = the
Yer = your
Yeh = you

This is a spin-off book concerning Heather Sullivan, a friend and mentor of Caitlin (aka Jo Wiley.) She was to be a minor character, but ended up stealing the limelight and took control of the book.
Sans - without
Skyclad - nude
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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