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A princess with powers

A chapter in the book Short stories and poems

The princess in the dungeon

by dmt1967

Once upon a time there was a princess called Mandy. She had long golden hair and was the most beautiful princess in all the land. Courtiers from far and wide used to visit the kingdom just to stare at this beautiful little princess with her long blond hair.

Her parents, the King and Queen, were very proud of their precious little girl and the whole kingdom loved her as she had a wonderful and gentle nature.

Now Princess Mandy had a special gift; she could do sums without using a calculator and this special power made her very popular with the local traders. She would do their books for them and make them rich.

One day the Princess was out picking flowers in the forest, when she spotted a lovely, colorful bird. She ran after the bird to get a better look but when she got close the bird flew deeper into the forest. She followed the bird deeper and deeper into the forest until she was totally lost and the bird had disappeared.
Just then she saw an old man walking along, slowly.

"Please sir," she said, "can you tell me how to get back to the palace?"

"Yes, little girl," the old man croaked, "follow me and I will show you."

Little did she know the old man was indeed a wicked sorcerer who had heard of Princess Mandy's special powers. He had turned himself into the colorful bird to entice the Princess deeper into the forest so she would become lost.

The wicked sorcerer took Princess Mandy to his cottage and locked her up in his darkest dungeon with all his paperwork so that she could make him the richest sorcerer in the land.

Years passed and Princess Mandy grew more beautiful with every passing day. She grew up to be the most beautiful, loving, young Princess who ever lived.
Her parents searched for her near and far, but couldn't find any trace of their beloved daughter. In desperation they signed a declaration to all the princes in the land- whoever finds princess Mandy can have her hand in marriage.
Princes came from every land and searched for the princess to no avail. The king and queen gave up ever seeing their daughter again.
One day a prince called Luke was out riding. He came upon a forest and in the distance saw a puff of smoke. As he rode nearer, he spotted the cottage.
He knocked on the door. There was no answer, so he walked in. Now, the prince had a special power as well. He had super hearing. So when he heard paper rustling he followed the noise.

He came to a locked door and peered in through the tiny window. When he saw this beautiful princess, he fell in love at once.

"What are you doing locked away in this room?" He asked.

"A wicked sorcerer has kept me prisoner here and is making me do all his paperwork so he can get rich." Princess Mandy answered. "He has put a spell on it so I can't unlock it."

On hearing this, Prince Luke took his magical sword and broke the lock, setting the princess free.

The prince led Princess Mandy back to his horse and lifted her onto the horse's back, but as he was going to mount the horse himself, the wicked sorcerer came back. The sorcerer tried to attack but before he had a chance prince Luke took his sword and killed the sorcerer with just one blow. He jumped onto his horse and took Princess Mandy back to the King and Queen who were so happy to get their precious daughter back.

The Prince asked the King for his daughter's hand in marriage and the King gave it gladly. The Prince and Princess were married and they lived happily ever after.


This is the second children's story I have ever written and I only did this one because my well sort of sister is an accountant and one of her clients is a bit funny she has to do his accounts in a room with no windows he is very secretive each to there own well I just thought this is too much of a good story opportunity to pass up so enjoy
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