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Two little princesses

by dmt1967

Princess Children's Story Contest Winner 
Once upon a time, in a country far far away, lived two kings. One king ruled over a kingdom which was filled with unicorns, they had the greenest grass and tastiest water for miles around. The other king's kingdom was across the river and was filled with white stallions who's tails were as soft as silk.

These two kings had something in common, they both had daughters. Princess Addiel was beautiful with her long golden mane and soft tail. She was loved by her father and all her loyal subjects, as were princess Carlina with her horn that gleamed in the sun and her mane that glowed in the dark.

The two kingdoms were side by side, and you would think the two princesses would be the best of friends but this was not the case.

King Stallion and his subjects did not like the unicorns, because of the horn that grew out of their head. They thought it was different and wrong.
King Unicorn and his subjects didn't like the fact that the stallions didn't have a horn attached to their heads. They thought they were weird and freaks.

One day while out for a walk, the two princesses met and started to talk. They found out they had a lot in common and became best friends. They started meeting secretly in Rainbow Forest, which separated the two kingdoms. They knew if the kings found out they would be punished.

They met at Rainbow forest whenever they could, but knew it was only a matter of time before someone caught them. So they came up with a plan to get the two kings to put away their differences and start getting along with each other better.Each Princess sent a letter to their best friend's father, and asked them to meet in Rainbow Forest.

The kings arrived, but instead of their daughters, they found their arch enemies' instead.

The kings were furious, and wouldn't speak to each other. They were just about to walk off in a huff when who should they spy, but their daughters.

"What's the meaning of this?" They bellowed.

The kings' faces were as red as beetroots by this time, and the daughters quickly calmed them down. Eventually the kings had calmed down enough so they could speak.

"Please, will you explain why you have brought us here?

The princesses took it in turns to explain. They told the kings about the extraordinary friendship the two girls had, and how close they had become.

"Are we so different to them, father?" Princess Carlina pleaded. "We have a horn, big deal."

"Are we so different to them father?" Princess Addiel pleaded. "We have no horn, so what?"

The two kings looked at each other. They had to agree that as reasons go, this was a pretty silly one for not liking each other.

From that day on the two kingdoms became one, and the princesses got their wish. Their friendship had the blessings of the two kings.
Everybody in the two kingdoms learned that difference is a good thing.
Both the unicorns and the stallions accepted each other's differences, and they all lived happily ever after.

Princess Children's Story
Contest Winner


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