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Phillip and Arthur fight

A chapter in the book A ROUGH BEGINNING

Chapter Ten Part Three

by c_lucas

This novel is written in the Omniscient point of view. The story takes place is New York's Irish slums. Points of history are intermingled with fiction.


JUNE 1875
End of the last chapter:

“Be there any trickery involved, Philip?”
He shook his head. “When you want to demonstrate something, you don’t hold back. How did you do that?”
Someone hammered on the door. “Police! Open up!”
“That be me brudders. Get yer training gloves on and stand in th' kitchen. I’ll be handling Arthur.” She fluffed her hair, wiped her face a final time before releasing the lock and opening the door.
“Why do yeh and Connor be here, Arthur?”
He tried to push her aside and was surprised when she didn’t budge. “What yeh be doing in a man’s apartment?”
“Not what yeh and Mona do, or what Connor would do if Shannon’s fadder wasn’t around. We be talking, settling a minor disagreement we be having.”
He grabbed Heather's shoulders and failed when he tried to lift her out of his way. He stared at her and stepped back.
“If yeh be wanting to come in, yeh must promise ta behave and act like a gentleman. If yeh be wanting ta fight, Phillip and I be meeting yeh and Connor in th' barn. Th' good officer can be showing yeh th' way. Phillip and I’ll be finishing our conversation before joining yeh and th' other animals shortly.” Heather closed the door in her brother’s face. She didn’t bother to lock it and hastened to Phillip’s arms.
“We’ll be in th' barn!” Arthur called through the door.
“Woman, you keep amazing me. How did you keep him from pushing you aside, or lifting you?”
“Yeh be seeing her. Could yeh be pushing Brigit aside, and yeh seen Mrs. Kennedy. Yeh be lifting her and me, could yeh lift us both at th' same time?”
“You have a point there. Are you saying Mrs. Kennedy is in your body with Briget?”
“No, but her resolve be there for me ta call on. Now I be needing ta ask one more question before we be meeting me brudders.”
“I be promising ta be yer wife and ta raise yer children….I be wanting me doctor’s degree and ta practice among th’ poor.” Heather saw the conflict in his eyes, but kept silent waiting for his answer.
“Would you marry me if I said no?”

“I’ll be joining th' Reverend Mother at th convent. She would welcome me abilities.”
“You know it’s a woman's duty to obey her husband, and I never heard of a husband and wife doctoring together.”
“I’ll not be caring about what other doctors and their wives be doing. I be caring about yeh and me.”
“And you would choose to become a nun instead of my wife?”
“As a nun, I could study and use my knowledge ta help th' sick. I just wouldn’t be with th' man I be loving.” Heather said no more.
“Can we take this a step at a time? I know you have a scholarship and the backing of Dr. Blackwell, but do you have the knowledge to understand what will be expected of you? You told me you had a fifth grade education. I don’t see how you can do college work.”
“Aye, I have naught but five grades of schooling, but I be learning to read th’ books in th’ library and I’ve been listening to me teachers in college. I’ll not disappoint or embarrass yeh.” She stepped into his arms.
Phillip accepted her embrace and stroked her back. “Yeh be a right smart cailin me beauty. I agree ta yer be trying, but I be having one more request.” He pushed her back and was lost in her green eyes. “Would yeh be willing ta take lessons and learn the correct way of speaking.” He stopped imitating Heather’s brogue and reverted to his way of talking.
“Be it important ta yeh?” She held eye contact with him.
“Yes, but more importantly, it will make people take you more seriously, Dr. Sullivan….” Phillip was not prepared for her reaction. She threw her arms around his neck, pulled herself up and gave him a passionate kiss. He returned it with fervor, his hands caressing her breasts.
Heather lost herself in their kiss and enjoyed his touch for a short while. She pushed him away. “Yeh’ll not be undressing me again tonight. I be needing to prepare yeh to measure up against me brudders.”
The mentioning of her two brothers turned his face gray and he released her. “You want me to fight your brothers?”
“Briget and Mrs. Kennedy will help yeh.”
“How can two dead women help me?”
Heather held Phillip's hand as they walked to the barn. She winked at him and kissed him before opening the barn door.
Arthur took a step toward the two before Heather held up her hand.
“Yeh be stopping right there, Arthur. Me Phillip has graciously decided to accept yer and Connor’s apologies for mistreating him.”
“He be doing what?” Arthur turned and glanced at Connor before facing his sister. “We be coming here and finding yeh alone in his room. Fader will be having a few words to be saying ta him.”
“Fader will get his chance to be talking ta both of us at Mrs. Kennedy’s wake. We be asking Fader Murphy ta be marrying us after th' funeral.”
“Marrying. So yeh admit Phillip be dallying with yeh!” Arthur took a step toward her. Connor followed.
Heather walked toward Arthur and placed her hand on his chest. “Yeh be thinking lies, brudder. Phillip be treating me like a lady.  Do yeh be treating Mona like a lady?”
“Th’ way I treat Mona be not any of yer concerns!” His face turned red with anger.

The policeman took a step toward him.
Heather didn’t give an inch. “Th' way Phillip treats me is no concern of yers. We be doing nothing wrong!” She pushed against Arthur’s chest catching him off guard and he took a couple of steps backward. “Now, will yeh be giving Phillip yer apology?”
“Apology? Never. I be giving him me fists!”

“Very well. I be trying ta protect yeh, but it be out of my hands.” She turned toward the policeman. “Do yeh be knowing th' Marquis of Queenbury’s rules?”
The policeman glanced at Phillip. “Do yeh be wanting to fight this man?”
“Not particularly, but he leaves me no choice. I will allow no man to talk against my future wife, not even her relatives.” Phillip spoke as Heather instructed him.
Heather glanced at Arthur. “You be knowing th' rules?”
“Aye. I will follow them.” He rolled up his sleeves.
She turned toward Connor. “And yeh?”
“Aye, but I won't get a chance ta fight him. He won’t survive Arthur. What are yeh not be telling us? Arthur and me both be bigger and stronger than Phillip.”
“Aye, but I be giving Phillip Mrs. Kennedy and Brigit’s blessings. He promised not ta be hurting either of yeh too bad.”
“Ha!” Arthur spit on the ground.
Heather shook her head. “Yeh always be th' stubborn one, brudder. Yeh can still be apologizing and saving yerself a beating.”
“Yer Phillip will be th' one apologizing with missing front teeth!”
“Do yeh be having gloves, Arthur? Phillip is wearing sparring gloves ta be protecting his hands. Here be his spare gloves. Yeh be needing ta protect yer hands.” She offered her brother the skin tight gloves.
“Keep ‘em. This won’t take long and yeh won’t be kissing yer good doctor for a while.”
She turned toward the policeman. “Three rounds should be enough. Phillip not be hurting Arthur too bad.”
The policeman looked at the size of the doctor, then at Arthur. He shook his head, stepped forward, kicked aside the straw, and drew a line with the edge of his shoe. “Three minute rounds. A knockdown be th' end of a round. One minute to rest. Failure ta step on th' line ends th’ fight. Dr. Martin, yeh corner be there by th' post. Arthur, yeh corner be over there by that post. Go ta yeh corners and wait for me call.”
Heather put her arms around Phillip, who lowered his head. She gave him a resounding kiss and turned toward Arthur. “I be storing up me kisses until his lips heal.”
“Toe th' mark!” Both men stepped on the line, backed away and waited for the policeman/referee to start the round.
Arthur hurried to the doctor and aimed his fist for a head shot.
Phillip duck under it and aimed for Arthur’s kidneys as his missed shot turned him around. He struck several times and danced back away.
The differences between the fighters was immediately apparent. Phillip was a boxer while Arthur was a street brawler. The former’s blows landed while the latter's met nothing but air.
“Time.” The fighters went to their corners. Arthur was met by Connor, who held a bucket of water for him. He took a deep drink. Phillip met Heather’s lips before he took a drink from his water bucket.
“Toe th' mark!...Begin.”
Arthur’s uppercut glazed Phillip’s face. Before he could recover, Phillip delivered three crashing blows to Arthur's nose, knocking him to the ground.
“Time!” Arthur gained his feet and tried not to stagger to his corner shaking his head, splattering blood in his wake. Connor took a handkerchief from his pocket, wet it and pressed the ends into Arthur’s nose to stop the bleeding.
Phillip got his kisses and drink. Heather whispered in his ear, “This time he’ll be leading high with his left and striking yeh low with his right. Ignore th' left, step back and when his right misses, attack his nose.”
“How do you know he will lead with his left?”
“I be watching too many of his fights. Connor will choose to apologize when Arthur has ta pick himself up again.”
“Toe th' mark!”
“Arthur really is angry. Look at his eyes.” Phillip almost lost his confidence when he saw the blood lust in Arthur’s eyes. “You think I can do it?” he asked Heather. She answered with a long lingering kiss and further angered Arthur by patting Phillip on the butt as he walked toward the line.
Phillip danced away from Arthur as he stalked him. Then he stood still and things went as Heather predicted.
“Time. Th' fight is over. Doctor, yeh be th' winner.”
“The Hell he is!” Arthur charged him, but Heather blocked his way.
“Yeh be losing fair and square. Apologize ta me Phillip before I be turning yeh over me knee!”
The unexpected remark brought laughter from Connor and the policeman. Arthur and Heather stared briefly at each other before he smiled and offered his hand to the doctor.

Connor followed, offering his hand. He turned to Heather. “Yeh be sounding just like mudder!”

Everyone laughed as Heather hugged her brothers, then took Phillip’s hand. “I be forgetting ta tell yeh, Phillip and his classmates were trained by Jim Morrisey. Arthur, yeh need not be ashamed of yer loss. Phillip be th' champion of his class. Would yeh and Connor hep him harness his horse?”
She turned toward the policeman. “Can yeh be given Cullen Sullivan’s sons a ride home in th' Paddy Wagon and go with them? Yeh can be dropping them off at th' church. Yeh’ll be welcome at Hennessey’s.  Th' drinks will be on me fader and his sons.”
“Yer fader? Yeh be hearing the name in Five Points. Yeh be putting the Blarney Stone to shame,  Heather Sullivan.”
“I be going by that name until I marry me Phillip.”


Thank you Mantaf for the use of your image, "Dueling Brothers."

Special thanks to the follow members:
Tonulak (Ted) for his help and providing answers on Catholicism.

N.K. Wagner (Nancy) for giving me insight on how the Irish spoke in the nineteenth century.

MumEsGirl (Kate) for keeping my dialect on track.

Patrick G Cox (Patrick) for his insight into the early Catholic church in Ireland.

For the Irish FanStory members too numerous to name. For their input on 19th century Ireland.

The Proglogue is a list of characters and chapters' URLs.

This is a rewrite. Regular readers may not get any rewards.

Caitlin Anna Wiley will change her name to Joanna 'Jo' Wiley when she is arrested for theft of a two cent apple.

Cailin = Irish for girl.
Divil = Devil
Fader = Father
Help = hep
Me = my
Mammy = mother
Mudder = mother
Ta = to
Tay = tea
Th' = the
Yer = your
Yeh = you

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