Letters and Diary Non-Fiction posted May 22, 2012

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Memorial Day this weekend

From Glory to Glory

by Janie King

Every time I sing the "Star Spangled Banner" I feel a thrilling chill, overwhelming sense of pride, and awesome joy. For me, these words represent sweat and blood, life to death, failure to victory, carried out with the hope of bringing equality to all.

Battlefields of flesh and blood have been spilled in hopes of obtaining freedom for all mankind. Heartbreak and death turn the soil of America into the future of growth, where justice and peace thrive together to make our homeland one of the greatest places on earth.

There have been so many battles now we find ourselves asking, "Where is all of this leading us to?" We have been a nation of people willing to again shed its life and blood for other lands and their people so that the gift of freedom may reign on their soil, with triumphant hope of world peace.

Tears fall and my heart becomes heavy. I can't help but wonder why it has to be this way. Why can't love, kindness and hard work bring about the same goal of world peace, justice, and equality? Money can't buy it or we would have it. Sweat and blood have yet to accomplish it or again we would have it.

Many nations have battled alongside America in hopes of bringing other humans the freedom we have enjoyed. Our flags wave tirelessly for victory. Our Statue of Liberty stands strong at our harbor door, holding high the light of truth, and still our people give until it hurts down to the blood of our children. Our money still displays, on the seal of our faith, "In God We Trust."

Our intention is strong, our resolution is in action, and our determination is solid. Because of all of this, we can't fail as a people or a nation. Failure is not an option for any of us. Our biggest prayer now has to be that our leaders fight the fight for freedom and not because of greed.


In the beginning I feel the wars were fought legitimately for the betterment of mankind. Now, I worry about our leaders being motivated by greed. I believe the soldiers fight for the right purpose. They should alwyas be honored in the grandest way. They and their families pay such a high price and we still have freedom because of their sacrifices. (Picture taken in front of my house).
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