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Anna is taken to the hospital.

A chapter in the book Lonely Hearts Meet

part two, Chapter 19

by barbara.wilkey

Anna is a young mother striving to find a way out of an abusive marriage. She meets a stranger, Troy. Troy fights his own demons. Can they help each other find love, or are their struggles too much?
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Bobby forced her to walk toward the patio. "They can watch me slice your throat." At the door, he snapped, "Open the door, bitch!"

Anna did.

After Bobby shoved her onto the porch, he yelled, "Hey George, I bet you can't wait to see this. This is what we do to sluts."

Through the megaphone George said, "Bobby, you don't want to do that. It won't end well for you. We're working on finding your friends and getting the keg."

"This bitch destroyed my life and my parents' life. She deserves to die."

Bobby fell against Anna, causing her to fall face first onto the patio. Neither moved.

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Three of the SWAT team members busted through the front door and rushed in with weapons ready. After they secured the apartment, the leader touched Anna's neck searching for a pulse. "She's unconscious but alive." He examined Bobby and nodded toward his partner. "Perfect shot right between the eyes." He pointed to the entry wound, then picked up a knife lying on the ground. He inspected the blood. "I'm glad this missed its mark."

Once the area was deemed safe, the EMR team entered. Anna was given emergency treatment, placed on a gurney, and rolled to the waiting ambulance.

The EMR team ignored Paul and Troy's questions and left for the hospital.

Troy ran to his motorcycle and rushed to the hospital. Paul and Everett followed. On the way, Everett drove while Paul called Betty and updated her. The decision was made that Betty and Michael would wait until more information was available before coming to the hospital.

The three men paced the emergency room floor.

Troy shoved his hands inside his pockets. "What's going on? They've been in there for hours."

Paul glanced at his watch. "We've only been here thirty-four minutes. We need patience."

Troy walked over to the water fountain and got a drink.

Everett scanned the patient filled room. "I'm going to check on Sam."

"Good idea. I'll stay with Troy." Paul leaned against a bare wall. "Troy, watching you pace is wearing me out. Can you stand still for a few minutes?"

"Dad, I should've done more to protect Anna."

"We did all we could. Bobby was hell-bent on killing her. Nothing could've stopped him."

About twenty minutes later, Everett returned. "Sam's doing fine. He'll be released tomorrow. They want to observe him overnight." He watched Troy. "I see there's still no news."

A tall slender doctor walked through the swinging doors of Anna's ER room and headed toward them.

Troy rushed to him. "How's Anna Rodgers?"

"She's in a coma. She withstood quite a bit of trauma. I'm not sure of her prognosis. My main concern is the concussion and the ruptured spleen. I won't know exactly how serious the concussion is until she's conscious. The coma's probably her way of protecting herself, but I can't be sure at this point. The CT scan should tell us more. As for the ruptured spleen, she's bleeding into the stomach cavity. I'm hoping to avoid surgery."

He glanced toward the door he came from. "Her right arm is broken. A temporary cast has been placed on it. When the swelling goes down, we'll recast it. She has numerous lacerations. I put in forty-seven stitches. There are hand welts and hematomas over her face and body. Clumps of hair have been yanked out. She has three loose teeth. I won't know until the swelling eases on her left eye if there's permanent damage. We're waiting for her blood profile to return so I can tell if there's something I'm missing."

Troy rubbed the back of his neck. "When can I see her?"

"Once she's set up in a room." The doctor glanced at his buzzing pager. "I'm needed."

Troy, Paul, and Everett watched the doctor rush into Anna's room.

Moments later, Anna's gurney came through the doors. Nurses and doctors surrounded her.

Troy stopped a young nurse trailing behind. "What's going on?"

"Ms. Rodgers needs an emergency partial splenectomy." She followed the gurney.


Thank you, Brian for allowing me to use your artwork to show the struggles Anna has breaking the chains of abuse.
This post is part two of Chapter 19, a much longer chapter. It can not stand alone. If you are just joining me, welcome, but you may be confused because this post is part of a much longer novel.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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