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The bookstore shares her history

A chapter in the book Lost in a Book

May I Introduce Myself?

by Deejharrington

This is the story of a bookstore told by the store, herself.
You've passed right by me, without a backward glance. I know you have, I've been watching. Yes, you, who prefers a latte or a mocha-whatever along with this week's best-seller. You can't waste your precious time searching for real literature. And you don't even realize the hardcover you just spent thirty dollars on, is just "Pride and Prejudice" wrapped in new phrasing. Not even well done, either! Mr. Darcy as a vampire, indeed!

I am rambling, I know. But, it does make me angry when ignored. I have such a wealth of knowledge within my walls. I hold the best the world of books has to offer. I can change lives. Yes, a grandiose claim, I admit. Still true, very true. Remember what happened to Miss Emily? That was my doing and with a little help from Ms Jane, I'll admit.

But, first things, first. Let me introduce myself, I am "Lost in a Book." Not the owner of the building or the land I sit on. I AM the store. If you can accept that, then I can get on with my story.

Ms Jane Austin-Bronte is just the latest in a long line of companions I've had over the years. It started with that enterprising young lady back in the 1920's. Very unusual for a woman of good breeding to choose to open her own store. But, with the inheritance from a distant aunt, Ms Charlotte was able to set me up in a very nice neighborhood. Oh, what pride she had in my shiny new windows and dark wooden shelves. She lovingly stocked them with only the best. No trash or cheap imitations of the classics in our place. She was the one who named me. Her mother and father were forever accusing her of, yes, you guessed it, getting lost in a book. Well, the name just followed. Ms Charlotte and I stayed together for thirty years. Until she just couldn't keep me as clean and neat as she wanted. Selling was the only option, I understood completely. Still, it was a sad day when Ms Marge took over.

The 1950's were certainly a time of change for us all. The neighborhood grew. The people, beatniks, began to show up. Ms Marge started a poetry reading group that year. Some of them weren't bad, Ginsberg and that Jack fellow. But, all that finger snapping, I never really understood what that was about. But, again, time refused to stand still. The 60's and 70's brought in what they call a silent partner. Never met the fellow, but the young man he hired to stay with me, OMG! I believe is the current term. If I never hear "Stairway to Heaven" again, it will not be too soon. But, still we kept my roof over head, so I shouldn't complain.

The 80's brought the real enemy. It gives me shivers just mentioning them. Those silent, impersonal, and snooty big box bookstores! Why, they wouldn't even lower themselves to say hello. They just tore down some of my oldest friends on the street and took over. But, it would seem they are getting paid back for their rudeness. I-pads, I think you call them. Just hit a few keys, pay your money, and bam! A book right there to read on a screen. Please, let us be honest, does that really compare with holding a book in your hands? Being able to smell its newness? Hear the crack of opening it and folding down the first page? Being able to take that book off your shelf Really now, it just isn't the same thing a'tall.

Of course, I'm a little prejudiced. If you don't visit me, what do I have to do all day long? I know each of my many volumes and can tell you secrets that would amaze. The authors I've met and influenced, if I do say so myself. Just a push to the right shelf or a gentle shove to the person next to you in line, and a new author is born. Ah, such memories. Why I remember the time that Nora Roberts stopped by for a copy of ...wait, I think I hear a customer coming in. If you'll excuse me, I must see who it is.


This came from the short story, "A Matter of Choices", so blame the person who asked if I was going to add anymore. Any suggestions or ideas gladly accepted.
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