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Ghost written for Shell for Sister Kimberly's book

Darkness No Longer Prevails

by Janie King

I could physically feel the gloom of the dark and dreary day sink into my soul. The trees had lost their covering. They stood naked in the dark clouds that loomed behind them. The holidays were quickly approaching. I didn't feel ready to cope with the added stress that came with them emotionally, financially or spiritually. Everything seemed so hopeless, like a part of me on the inside was dying. There was a smothering darkness that was overtaking me. I knew I had to have help.

"God, please. I need Your presence. Where are You? I need You to show me where I go from here to find a release from this overwhelming doom and gloom," I prayed out of desperation as the tears flowed down my cheeks. "I need You, God. I need the 'real' thing. The pain that grips my heart, the rejection is just too heavy for me to bear any more."

My heart was racing as I parked the car outside the little white church. It wasn't anything fancy, maybe even a little worn from having stood through several years of wear and tear. I was scared, of what I really wasn't sure, but I was here. As I stepped through the front door, my fears changed to a sense of anticipation. I could feel God's presence immediately.

The pastor immediately led the congregation into prayer, real prayer, a prayer I knew reached Heaven. The music wasn't just music...it was worship, a worship that was offered to God. It brought His presence even stronger into the sanctuary.

My soul hungered for what I felt as I listened to the truth being taught from the Word of God by this anointed man of God. "Child, God knows your heart and He hears your prayers," Pastor Ron declared as he stood before me and our eyes made contact. I couldn't believe it. Only God knew what I needed to hear. As the Spirit of God fell, all I could do was cry. The tears brought about such a release to my burdened soul.

At the end of the sermon, Pastor Ron reached for a bottle of what he called "anointing oil." His wife, Sister Kimberly, joined him up front as he prepared to pray for people in the congregation that needed a miracle from God. When he motioned for me to come forward, I knew in my heart of hearts, God had heard my prayer. This was the "real" thing.

The love of God that flowed from this couple was almost tangible. The compassion that was shared with me brought back hope, the hope I had lost and was desperate to get back. I knew I couldn't live without hope.

That Sunday was just the beginning of many new days for me. God knew I wanted my family free from the snares of the devil. Sister Kimberly became my eagle friend, the friend that is there in the good and bad times. She seemed to always know when I needed a word of encouragement. She took the time to make the phone calls that came at just the right moment. The cards with encouraging words I read over and over. These were not small things to me. They kept the hope alive in my heart that had been birthed that very first Sunday that I encountered God's presence in the little white church.

God used Sister Kimberly's obedience about doing the simple things to teach me to do the same. He began to use me to make encouraging phone calls to others and send cards to others as He prompted me. It was an awesome feeling to know God could use me to be His hand extended to another.

I no longer sit in the church pew by myself. My heart rejoices at being able to reach over and take hold of my husband's hand. We are now "one" in the natural and in the spiritual realm. While sitting under this ministry he has learned the importance of being the head of his house spiritually. We rejoice that our three daughters are growing and have made their own commitment to Christ. We are being fed the truth from God's Word and our souls are prospering. We found the "real" thing. Darkness no longer prevails, for the light of God reigns within..."where there is light darkness cannot prevail."


This is the story Shelly had me ghost write for Sister Kimberly's birthday book. This was a very unique project for me. All of these people are from the same congregation and they were all touched in so many different ways. I do hope you enjoy this story. God bless.
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