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Free Verse - For Heidi, Gretchen, Gypsy & Duchess

Dog Dreams

by Just2Write

Free Verse Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

Sometimes, in the frozen season,
when the spirit of winter wolves runs high
my Alsatian, curled beside the warm hearth,
hears in her dog-dream world, the ancient howl
of ancestral canines baying at the moon.

And she, being of rich descent, curls her lips
and lets the throaty sound of her dream escape
into the quiet of the room we share.
It is a low mournful wail that stirs my heart.
I put down my book and musings
and listen to the minute mutterings
to the spirits of her wolfen grandfathers
that gather on some frozen hillock.

The sound stirs an ancestral longing in my soul
as she thumps a wistful tail and smiles.
I smile with her, and sit transfixed
quietly listening to her whining whimpers
and woeful woofs to the exquisite beauty of it all.

I see a cold smile curve onto her quivering lips
as she anticipates the accolades
that will surely come with the successful chase
and capture of the ever-swift and cunning cony.

In her dream, the greatest of wolves
invites her to share with the rest
their splendid sport.
At first reluctant, but honour-bound,
she succours them with willing spirit,
and joins them on the sacred hunt.

Her paws keep pace in primal stride;
twitching with trepidation;
for she knows not which way
the elusive hare will go;
bounding left or right,
or straight on, fast away
as it leads them on a merry chase
beneath the cold and candid
brilliance of the full
and haunting, hunter's moon.

The pack, sure-footed and with pre-destined
purpose, race through the labyrinth of lapin trails;
pursuers chasing that ethereal rabbit
through forests deep, where the shadows fall;
beneath the birch and bracken blackthorn,
perhaps, even into the nefarious nether regions
where wily rabbit's warrens go on forever.

Hearts pounding, lungs aching,
heady scents to drive a poor dog wild,
until, somewhere in the cusp of dreams
the bubble pops and she awakens with a start.

Once, or twice, she blinks her bewildered eyes
and stretches, as if reawakening each tired muscle.
She yawns and uncurls her tail and languid tongue
while sending a sheepish look my way.
Instinctively she knows that somehow
we have shared something special;
that I had witnessed her in her dream,
and shared the secret locked in her soul,
and for an instant, she wonders
if perhaps it might have really happened.

Her eyes grow bright with fireside reflection
and she cocks her head to listen just once more
for the compelling call of her rapacious relations.
Then, hearing nothing, nestles back to sleep.

Free Verse Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Over the years, we have been blessed with four wonderful dogs. (3 Alsatians and 1 Greyhound) With each, I have loved to share an evening with them and watch as they slept contentedly by the fire. So often, they would twitch and squirm in their dream-world and I wonder what dreams they were having that seemed to bring so much fun. Pictured here is my current German Shepherd, Heidi. A master at napping.
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