Humor Poetry posted March 8, 2012

This work has reached the exceptional level
Modified Triolets in Trochaic Meter ...


by closetpoetjester


DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da

Spare a thought for those deluded
All-ensconced in ego stroking
Talent need not be included
Spare a thought for poor deluded
Lack of skill won't be precluded
Wisps of hollow warmth they're stoking
Spare a thought for those deluded
Comfort sought in ego stroking

Shallow froth is all they're cloaking
Bucks will baste and then they're bleating
Praise that fluff? You MUST be joking?
Lack of skill they're barely cloaking
"Catapult me high" they're croaking
"Into rankings finest seating!"
Purchased pride I'm squarely poking
Surely it's themselves they're cheating?

Some just like to buy a ranking
When the talent has eluded
Ladder rungs they're more than flanking
As they boost and bolster ranking
Member dollars they'll be thanking
Could we be the ones deluded?
P'raps it's us they're truly wanking
As I seem to have concluded ...

*   *   *   *   *

Some who sit in high commandish
Hate critique and act out-landish
Ostentatious, snide, off-standish
Can be those who ego brandish
Quite convinced their cash-in-handish
Touts a rating oh so grandish
News to those with big demandish
Bucks don't make you that outstandish!



Seriously, buckeths do NOT maketh thy poet. Well, notteth in my booketh anyway.

I have NOTHING against any level of promotion... Just be prepared to take honest criticism as level of bucks
should not be used as an incentive to silence constructive critique.

If the Pope posted a poem and paid in gold...I would still tell him if his meter was out in my opinion or if
there were ANY improvements I could make. I seriously would.

Unfortunately there are some here who believe that dollars equate to glowing reviews. Not so in my book I'm afraid.

When bucks are backed up with GREAT poetry, thats a whole different ball game.

I merely suggest rating reflect ones talent, not amount of bucks offered or operating on incessant reviewer greed.

Plenty complain about the ranking system and its unfairness however are quite happy to take the bucks and
"make nice" in review.
The sooner we start really critiquing FAIRLY, inspite of how much a post pays, the sooner our rankings will
truly reflect the talent in the writing and NOT depth of the hip pocket.

I know I am out on a limb with this. Plenty have had a bitch about this in recent times.
I just wanna have my 62c worth too.

Thanks for reading...and rating HONESTLY.

I can take it you know?

Triolet form - 8 lines in iambic meter
Lines 1,4 7 repeat and 2,8 repeats also.
Rhyme scheme usually ABaAabAB ... these are way modified.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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