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Ghost written for Betty Bullock

God Intervenes

by Janie King

The year 2004 was a nightmare for me. The love of my life and I had just survived the devastation of three hurricanes that hit Florida. We had lost nearly everything. Needless to say, we had been under a tremendous amount of stress. Shortly after returning to Florida Max had a fatal heart attack. I found myself basically on my own. It was the one time I felt my life was over.

My family was in Arkansas. It only made sense to move near them so they could be near me. Everything in my life seemed to be falling apart. My children really were of no help, they had their own issues that needed resolved.

My son had been addicted to Meth and many other substances for several years. His life was on a downhill plunge so he found himself on my doorstep needing help. He was in the process of a divorce,and he was losing his home of many years. To top it off his wife had run off with his children. He had no idea where they were. To add to his nightmare he found his business was collapsing. He was literally at the end of his rope. There had to be some kind of change in his life.

Brother Donald Farris came by one afternoon and asked him to go to a revival where his friend, Brother Ron, was preaching. My son had no idea what God had in store for him that night.

God turned his life completely around. He came home a different person. He had turned his life over to Jesus. Brother Ron had been anointed in such a way that the Holy Spirit freed my son from all of his addictions. There was no denying he had experienced having an encounter with God.

We prayed God would show him where his children were and allow him to get them back. To make a long story short, he has both children with full custody of them. Not only did God change his life, but He changed mine too. For the first time in a long time I had hope.

It wasn't many days later when Brother Don and Brother Ron came to visit me at my house. Immediately I saw the love of God in Brother Ron; something I hadn't seen for many years. I had been hurt by God's so called people. I had told God I wasn't going back to church unless He told me to. I could do better by not being in a place where people hurt me. Joyce Meyer had made a statement, hurting people hurts people" that had caused me to do much thinking on the subject.

That day I felt God's love and knew He had spoken to my broken heart about going back to church. As I attended church I continued to see Brother Ron love people through the love of God. I saw my whole family begin to change.

The desire was birthed in my heart to want everyone to know there is hope in Christ; that there are "real" people in Christ that live their lives as God has instructed them to do. Of course, we must keep our eyes on Christ and not on people or we will get disappointed. Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between being a Christian and not being one is that we are forgiven because we ask for forgiveness. We're not better, just forgiven. Jesus makes it all possible.

I long for anyone that's been hurt, to understand that they just need to pray and get their eyes on Jesus. He will never let them down. Jesus died on the Cross so that we might be free from every addiction. We fall short according to the Word of God. I knew Brother Ron had a heart for God's people and his love was genuine. In Christ, we are winners. We have victory in Him.


I entitled Brother Ron's birthday book..A Written Epistle Read of All Men (2nd Corinthians 3:2). This piece particularly highlights that truth. Our actions often times speak louder than words. If you have love within it will radiate out to others. The one thing anyone knows, that ever meets this man of God, is that the love of God lives within him and he openly shares it with anyone, the down and outer or the President, it would make no difference to him. This was a gift worth more than anything I could have bought with money. We shared from our hearts with him about the ways he had touched our hearts. I do hope you enjoy. God bless. (The picture is in Doc's office. Sis. Kimberly was seeing her as a patient. Bro. Ron. was with her and all of a sudden said he felt a miracle. He asked Doc if he could pray fro her had where the joint was swollen and hot from Lupus. Every time she would adjust a patient the pain would shoot through hand, up into her neck and head. She was at a place that the was going to have to give up adjusting patients. He prayed for her and instantly she was healed. 700 Club came and made a mini-movie of the healing. You can see that and two other mini-movies they made of healings in the church by going to youtube and typing in Ronald Childress,)
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