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This work has reached the exceptional level
a fictional interview done in poetic/story form

The Interview

by Jim Lorson Sr

I could get only one question answered in this exclusive interview with a female vampire. This was the question: "What happened, Gretchen?"

This is her response:

"His dark, almost black eyes, so mesmerizing
and what he is about, he's disguising.

He notices that I keep looking his way
as I didn't know I would become his prey.

His words a quiet promise of eternal bliss
as he takes me in his arms to give me a kiss.

I remember how I shivered from his touch
but from that point, I don't remember much.

Then, I awake in an unfamiliar, dimly lit room,
so cold, damp, feels like a burial tomb."

She says, "I can't hardly sit up from being so weak
and I wonder why that suddenly my life feels so bleak."

Everything about me has been drained, even my memory
as I feel this will not bode well for me.

I manage to pull myself up, getting to my feet
feeling somewhat woozy, discovering I have no heartbeat.

I let my guard down for a moment, that was so dumb
and because of my stupidity, look at what I've become.

Found my way out of this tomb, I'm filled with a blind rage
at not only what I've become but I was taken at a young age.

I will not allow myself to exist in their bloodsucking life
that will cause many innocent people an unbearable strife.

For me to roam in the shadows of the night is not my desire
and nor do I want to exist like this parasitic vampire."

She does not want to exist from century through century
and in her eyes, one can see, this is not what she wants to be.

Her kind, feared, despised and hated by all of mankind.
These murdering vampires have only killing on their mind.

She is unable to cry and is without inspiration to go on
and so tired of being this insidious monster's feeding pawn.

She decides to no more be an evil, wanton killer of the night
she turns, waves goodbye, while walking into the bright sunlight.

I stood and watched as she ended her three century nightmare
and where ever she may be, I hope she is without despair.

The subject of this interview has a name that she wanted me to wait until the interview was over to expose. I felt quite at ease with her and did not fear for my life. Gretchen was really a very charming woman of the living dead. Dark hair with green eyes and tall, gorgeous.

My vampire was a beautiful young woman that was turned into a menace to humanity. To prowl and lurk in the shadows of the downtrodden, lonely and the naive for her masters need to feed.

Gretchen Marie Von Gerhardt ended her vampire life on her 300th birthday, January, 8th in the year of the Lord of 1849. May God take pity on her stolen and lost soul.

Interviewed by Henry Thomas Broderick
Submitted August 29, 1849
to the Virginia Gazette
Richmond, Virginia


Everything about this is fictional. It started as a rhyming couplet poem, but, I felt it was becoming to long. Stories can and should be long, not poetry. So, I thought I would offer this up as a poetic/story. The beginning of the first verse starts with quotation marks and the last verse ends with quotation marks as this was done in her telling her story to me. I'm not sure if I got it right. Also, in vampire folklore, bright sunlight is very dangerous and deadly for vampires.,,,,,jim Also many thanks to Darren Gowen for the use of his artwork. Perfect Darren!!!
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