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Dumb blonde? I don't think so.


by Sissy

He’s going to kill me. Stella flipped blond strands over her shoulder with perfectly manicured, cotton-candy-tipped fingers.

Heat radiated from the charcoal Porsche even though the engine no longer purred. Stella stretched one leg forward, then the other; five-inch stiletto’s clicked against macadam as she circled the car. She skirted the confetti of glass and plastic surrounding the bumper and bent to survey the damage, holding the bottom of her dress. The once-smooth, curvaceous front of her boyfriend’s other girlfriend melded into the concrete barrier, all dents and angles now. She sighed. Why did I even try to mess with Johnny’s stupid hi-tech iPod hook-up?

A honk, then, “Hey, babe, can I help? Need a ride?”

Stella released her hem to flip him off, then stalked to the open driver’s side door. Sitting on the edge of the buttery leather, she called Johnny on her cell. “Alright.” She tapped a forefinger against cotton-candy lips. “What am I going to do? Think.”

When he answered the phone with a curt, “Hey, hon, what’s up? I’m busy,” she sniffled once. Again.

“Hon? What’s the matter? You okay?”

A tear rolled down one cheek, and she caught it before her foundation ran. “I’m…I’m fine, sweetie. But…” She dabbed at the others starting to flow. “Someone--”

“Where are you? I hear cars. Did something happen to Amanda?”

Really, who names their car ‘Amanda’? Melrose Place was ages ago. Stella rolled her eyes. “Sweetie --” Sniffling. “-- I’m confused. I hit my head. Someone ran me off the road.“ She let herself dissolve into a full-blown wail. “I know how much you love your Amanda! I’m so sorry! Can you ever forgive me? I’m scared and -- I love you so much!” She blossomed into a fit until finally he raised his voice, telling her to calm down.

She fell silent, then whispered, “Don’t yell, honey. Please.”

"I wasn’t -- I was just -- look, are you okay? Stop crying. I hate it when you cry.”

“I’m a little dizzy.” Crossing her legs, she rubbed the bruise forming on her knee. Great. That‘s hideous. “But…I’m okay. Really. And I hear sirens now.”

“Stay right there, hon. Sit tight. I wanna talk to the cop about an ambulance.”

“Of course, sweetie.” Stella reached in her purse. As Johnny continued to use comforting words, she pulled out her compact and snapped it open.

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397 words. Thanks to hetti for artwork!

Melrose Place - TV show that ran from 1992-1999. Heather Locklear played Amanda Woodward.
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