Supernatural Fiction posted January 12, 2012

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Dealing with a Bully

Windowsill Warning

by writerwish


It can't be true. That's crazy. I don't believe in the supernatural or magic. Never did.

But when his Mom said the word "missing"...Well...

After five years of teaching fifth grade I realize why teachers get summers off; it's the preparation time for next semester. Lesson planning, meetings and of course the classroom decorating begins only one week prior to school, hardly enough time to bedazzle everyone (including my peers). But nothing would have prepared me for this day. Nothing.

It was a quaint school in rural Pennsylvania. The windows were my favorite to decorate. Tall enough to hold two of me. They were dark oak with windowsills that were at least two feet in depth. Plenty enough room to stand my plants and other projects I planned for the course.

The "powers that be" had just created a new curriculum for bullying. After a few months, I could pick out two in my class. I did what was suggested such as talking with them, making them feel needed within the class setting, and even visiting the parents of these bullies. The books say it's a matter of low self-esteem.

One of the bullies had some major improvement but the other...I was befuddled as what to do next with Patrick.

The boy who was picked on the most was Demonico, a dark-skinned boy from the Philippines. He was quiet, had dark bushy eyebrows and was quite a bit shorter than the other fifth graders. He also wore "K-mart clothes" or so I heard. He was polite and attentive. I liked the boy.

There were times when he went to the board to write and the bully would make farting noises, every time Demonico moved. There were laughs, sneers and yucks from the girls. Tripping this boy was another antic. Sometimes this rendered him so distraught he could hardly see as he held back his tears. From what I heard there were after school attacks taking place too.

One Monday Demonico didn't come to school. Unusual but not alarming. Yet. Besides, spring was here. It was May and all were distracted by the beautiful breezes and the smell of spring coming through the majestic oak windows, as I had opened both their tops and bottoms. I swear, if we stayed real quiet I could hear the flowers growing.

But mid-week, I was beginning to get concerned about Demonico. About that time a cat appeared and perched on our windowsill. Although it spooked me to have a cat starring at me all day, it caused such a refreshing distraction for the children. I allowed them to feed and pet his black soft fur.

On Friday, Patrick, who held out until last, not having Demonico to pick on, began to torment the cat. The cat in turn would swipe to defend itself. Usually he was purring and quiet but by Friday the cat clawed him. In turn Patrick threw a plant so that the shards of glass injured its neck. The cat went screeching away.

The cat may have incurred some injuries but I think Patrick finally caught on how it felt to be hurt. As I passed him at lunch I saw he was being sent home crying with bandages from the school nurse.

The following Monday, Demonico was not in my classroom. This time I worried. I called his home. His Mom answered.

"Yes, this is Demonico's mother, how can I help you?"

"Has your son been sick? I am a bit worried about him."

"As I was too. I am surprised that the principal hasn't informed you about Demonico."

"What do you mean?"

"Well since Monday, he has been missing."

"Missing?", I screeched, almost as loud as that cat had week before.

"Yes, yes, but it is okay, I didn't mean to alarm you. He is back home now. It seems he went to see his dad, the crazy magician, last week. He thinks he can really change people into animals...Demonico tells me the reason he went to his Dad's to "deal with the bullying."

"I see."

"Just one more thing, I had to take him to the Emergency Room on Friday because he came running home with a nasty gash on his neck. He will be wearing a bandanna over it when you see him."

A long pause, then Mom added, "At least now he is not 'missing' anymore."

I gasped, hearing the word 'missing'.

Flash Fiction Writing Contest contest entry


Short story of 500-800 words using the word "missing."
756 words
Thanks to VMarguarite for picture that fit well
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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