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Mommy, no more monsters

Sweet Dreams/By Jenny S.

by Janie King

All remained quiet, I tiptoed quietly down the hall to check to see if my four-year-old son, James, was okay. My heart swelled with such love for my precious little man. Not only had my life changed when I decided to ask Jesus to come into my heart; his life had changed.

As I looked at the peace on his face I couldn't help but remember the many months we had gone through of his being tormented by red-eyed monsters in his room and nightmares.

I, all too often, had heard the fear in his voice as he would run into the front room, "Mommy, Mommy, there are red-eyed monsters in my room!"

I'd taken his little hand more times than I could count and walked him back to his room. "Okay, honey, let's check the closet. See there's no monsters. Now, let's look under the bed. Do you see any on your side?"

"No, Mommy," he'd say as we both looked under the bed.

"Nothing on this side either, sweetheart. Now, let's get you back into bed. You've got school tomorrow and you're going to be so sleepy you won't want to get up," I would say as I kissed him good-night for the fifth time. Many nights it was after 1:00 a.m. before he would fall asleep and I felt safe to go to bed.

The doctor had told me to put him on melatonin, which had done nothing to help him sleep, much less sleep in peace.

As I left his bedroom and turned out the light, I picked up his children's Bible and took it with me to the front room. I had purchased his Bible and started reading him Bible stories soon after I asked Jesus to live in my heart. I started reading Bible stories to him after I tucked him in for the night. We'd say his prayers together. I wanted my son to know how to pray. I hadn't been taken to church and at twenty-seven I was just learning how to pray. I wanted more for my son.

I'll never forget how excited he was as he ran into my room yelling, "Mommy, I didn't have any bad dreams and there's no monsters in my room!" It's been months now since the nightmares and monsters have been chased away by reading God's Word.

Going to church and learning the promises of God has become very important to me. Bro. Ron had been teaching a series of sermons that taught us about the authority we have, through the blood of Jesus, to command any spirits that are not of God to leave us alone. James continued to have monsters that would show up in his room in the day time and torment him. One afternoon I felt led to reinforce this truth within his heart.

"Sweetheart, remember Bro. Ron told us the Bible says we have the authority to tell anything that is not of God that it has to leave. So, when you see a monster all you have to say is, "If you are not of God you have to get out."

One afternoon I was busy in the front room while James was playing in his room. I heard him say, "If you're not of God you have to get out." I listened closely. Once again I heard, "If you are not of God you have to get out!." Instead of running to me in fear he continued to play in peace. Yes, both of our lives have changed, for the good, since Jesus came into our hearts to stay.


God, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the precious son you have given me to love and cherish. I thank you for coming into our hearts and for teaching us how to have peace in our home. I ask for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding, from above, that will allow me to be the kind of mother you want me to be for him. Cover him each day with Your love and mercy. Keep him safe from illness and anything that could harm him. Thank you for giving him sweet dreams and removing the monsters and nightmares from his life. I thank You for being my Heavenly Father and that I have the same right to run into Your arms for love and comfort; just like James runs into my arms for love and comfort. Amen

Closing Thought

It doesn't matter what our pasts consist of, good or bad, we can become a loving parent. We may not have had good role models but God can change us so that we can give our children the kind of life He expects every child to enjoy.


This is another piece, that I have chosen to do in a devotional format. Currently I am collecting stories that involve children and how God has made a difference in their life. Jennifer, James' mother, grew up in a seriously abusive home situation. She is such a joy to watch as she grows in the Lord. It blesses her as much to see what God is doing to bless her son as it does to realize how God is changing both of their lives for the good. I hope you enjoy and are blessed as much as I was by her story. God bless.
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