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No Carbon Copies

by Janie King

One glimpse of creation, God's creation, you quickly become aware God is not prone to make carbon copies of His handwork. Every snowflake is different, the many variety of flowers, the formation of the clouds...where to begin and where to end. This truth holds when it comes to human beings. We are not carbon copies. We are each uniquely created by God Himself and given a destiny that only we can fulfill.

Most every individual has struggled at some time trying to fit in with the crowd. What makes us hunger to belong? We all need to feel we are important and needed. Everyone searches for their identity and purpose in life.

Satan has lied to us, and often convinced us that we must be "just like" those around us to "belong." Have you ever drunk an alcoholic beverage just because everyone else was doing it, even though you really didn't want to drink? I had a younger brother that would drink with his buddies even though he knew it made him throw up every time. It's sad that we compromise our integrity because we so desperately want to be accepted.

How often have you contributed to the confusion by making such a statement as, "Why can't you be like your brother or your sister?" These kind of statements contribute to our comparing ourselves with others. Comparison is such a dangerous tool; it can chisel out chunks of our God-given personality and inadvertently alter the path we will travel to reach our God-given destiny.

What would happen if, as parents, teachers, bishops, pastors, grandparents, and friends we would allow ourselves to see each individual through God's eyes? Would we be wise enough to allow each individual that God has placed in our care to become His creation, not ours? Would we be capable of allowing them to travel the path He has chosen for them? There would certainly be a lot less trauma in life if we did.

Every individual has an important role in life. God has created a space for each one of us. He doesn't leave any room for boredom. No one, adult or child, has all the answers or can see all the dangers Satan will throw in their path. Guidance, words of wisdom, and correction are a part of every individual's life.
But these God-given tools do not alter who we are in God; they do not make us carbon copies of anyone else. They make us free to reach for the dreams He has instilled within us.

As Christians, we need to see past the facade of anger, denial, and fear that people use to shut us out with. We need to look beyond the walls of protection that people have built in order to guard themselves against being hurt one more time. Our inner spirit needs to see their tears and hear their cries. It demands we walk close enough to God that we can be His Hand Extended to a hurting world.

God doesn't make carbon copies, nor does He want us to make someone feel they have to be a carbon copy in order to belong to the family of God. We need to be able to convey to them it is okay to be the person God planned for them to be before the foundation of the world.


Lord, only You could create each one of us to be a one-of-a-kind. We thank You that we don't have to be anyone but ourselves. Help us to allow everyone we are around to be who You made them to be. Help us to allow You to develop all the gifts and build the character that You have placed within us. Give us the wisdom to not compare ourselves to others, only to You, and to the plan You have created for us. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

Closing Thought

What would happen if the next new hungry soul that God placed in your care sensed right from the beginning that they were someone special? What would happen if they learned that they were allowed to develop into the special person God wants them to be? What would happen if they knew they would be accepted into the family of God even if they are different from those around them? It could revolutionize the whole church family. In fact, such actions could change the whole world.


This is another piece, done in a devotional format, from my book "Glimpses of Truth." This was something God worked with me for a long time. It's especially hard when you're in school to not go along with the gang. It is human nature to want to be accepted. My parents had brought us up in the natural to be true to our convictions. Then, God added the lessons I needed to be able to be true to who He called me to be. Has it been an easy journey? No. One major reason being that many adults seem to do the comparison thing, which is real detrimental. I was blessed there, my parents didn't do that but often teachers were prone to do so. I do hope this piece helps everyone understand just how important they are to God and that they are uniquely made with their own assignment while here on earth. God bless.
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