Humor Poetry posted November 26, 2011

This work has reached the exceptional level
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Idiomatic Fanatic

by kiwisteveh

Raining Cats And Dogs! Contest Winner 
If it were raining cats and dogs,
I might step on a poodle.
If my job were a piece of cake,
I'd make it apple strudel.

If in my bonnet, I'd a bee,
I'd ask him to make honey.
High on the hog is where I'd live,
If only I had money.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth
Or count your chickens early,
If like a fish you like to drink,
The next day you'll be surly.

Those sleeping dogs, just let them lie;
There's no point waking Rover.
He might bite off more than he'd chew;
You'd really feel done over.

If ev'ry cloud is silver-lined,
I'm taking up prospecting.
I'll work my fingers to the bone,
My just deserts collecting.

I'll batten down the hatches and
I'll keep the wolf at bay.
With lemons I'll make lemonade,
With sunshine I'll make hay.

Good fences make good neighbours and
Let's call a spade a spade.
If monkey business has been done,
Then peanuts will be paid.

On the grapevine I did hear
That beauty's just skin-deep.
If it's got bells and whistles then
That new broom sure can sweep.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt
The best thing since sliced bread
Is finding that a fool rushed in
Where angels fear to tread.

When fortune knocks on doors not mine,
I'll miss the gravy train.
I'd sort the wheat from chaff but it
Would go against the grain.

Don't throw a spanner in the works;
I'm out of the equation.
That old fat lady's warming up,
The train has reached the station.

If you have any wild oats left,
Then now's the time to sow 'em.
I know that great minds think alike,
That's why you dig this poem!

Writing Prompt
Pick a quotation, proverb, idiom, or popular phrase and write a poem based upon it, or inspired by it. Your poem may be of any style, length and genre. See inside...

Raining Cats And Dogs!
Contest Winner


I learned something here - it really is 'just deserts' meaning things that you deserve and not 'just desserts', although I might just deserve a dessert after finishing this off!

The contest called for a poem based on an idiom - do you think I'll get away with thirty-nine?!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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