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God Whispered in Her Ear (By MAK)

by Janie King

After much persuasion, I agreed to let my daughter-in-law take me to a hospitality room in the hospital. I got up from my wheelchair so I could kiss my darling husband good-night. It had been years since we had spent a night apart. The surgeons would repair his abdominal aortic aneurysm in the morning. Then, we could both go back home.

When I got to my room, I sat on the bed with a heavy heart. Bert had been in great health most of our forty-five years of marriage. I hesitated getting dressed for bed. My heart's prayers and my mind were on my Savior and His ability to heal.

My daughter burst into the room. "Mommy, Mommy, Daddy's ruptured the aneurysm," Her words pierced my heart.

The next few moments were heart wrenching. In the midst of the commotion, the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, "Miracle surgery." At that instant, it was as if the Holy Spirit wrapped me in a cocoon of love, security and peace.

I was wheeled into a tension-filled room as the surgical team rushed the man of my life off to surgery. "This is extremely critical," the surgeon said as he prepared to leave for the operating room. "There really is virtually no hope. We will open Mr. King up and see if anything can be done."

"Doctor, give me your hands," I said as he stood in front of me. As I held his hands in mine, I looked up and said, "You'll have a miracle surgery."

He looked at me with a total lack of understanding. "Yes, Ma'am." He turned and left the room.

My five children hovered around me, clearly expecting me to fall apart. Under normal circumstances, I would have fulfilled their expectation. I was beside myself the time their Daddy tore off his toenail!

It was different this time. The Holy Spirit had taken charge of this life-and-death situation. Even though I tried to convey the reality of what the Holy Spirit had said, I couldn't seem to penetrate their grief. I desperately wanted to share the cocoon of love that totally protected me from the fear that could have ripped out my heart. All I could convey was the peace they must have seen on my face - the peace that held my heart.

After four hours, the surgeon pushed through the operating room doors and headed straight for me. The silence was deafening. He stopped in front of me and reached for my hands as we made eye contact.

"Mrs. King, you've had your miracle surgery. There is no way your husband should be alive. It was worse than we thought. He's had twenty-five units of blood and twenty-thousand cc's of IV fluid. He's on life support and won't be conscious for at least five days. We won't know until then if he had a stroke when the aneurysm ruptured. His kidneys might not work since we had to tie in above the renal artery. He might have to be on dialysis. Only time will tell. He will be in SICU within a couple of hours. You may see him then. I have performed thousands of surgeries over the past twenty-five years. I have never had one go as smoothly as this one. You are a blessed family."

The long hours of tension and fear were somewhat put behind the children. After twenty-four hours, their Daddy was able to acknowledge their presence and respond to their love. Five days later, he was out of SICU. Assistant surgeons came by to assure him he was only alive because God determined it wasn't his time to go; it wasn't anything they had done. Nurses stopped by frequently, requesting to see the "miracle man." On the tenth day post-op, my daughter and I drove for two hours behind the ambulance that transported him home. To God be the glory!

I had been a Christian for many years but I had never experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit to such a degree for such an extended period of time. God's perfect love had removed all fear. It was a gift from God I now know I can draw from daily.


My most gracious God, I am eternally grateful for Your Holy Spirit that lives within us. The power of Your love and compassion is far beyond our human conception. Help us to realize Your Word is Truth and that Your promises are forever. Help us to understand the fears that Satan plans to use to destroy our lives can be annihilated by making You our Savior, as we run into Your arms of love. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

Closing Thought

Life will produce experiences that cause a fear we cannot handle without the Love of God in our heart. Is your heart tormented by fears you can't get rid of? God's perfect love is the only gift powerful enough to cast out the fear Satan means to torment us with.


I felt a real need to revisit this story. April 5th my dad has been in heaven 16 years. This miracle happened over 20 years ago. Mom's 89 now. I found her in the bedroom kissing Daddy's picture and heard her tell him it wouldn't be much longer until she got to come home to be with him forever. her health has made very aware she could be very right.
This is another piece, done in devotional format, that comes form my book "Glimpses of Truth." The story needed to be told by Mom so she allowed me to ghost write her story.

After Daddy could talk to us. He told us, "I had started up this beautiful path and I could see the bright lights of a city ahead. (He could see his body in the surgery room-the one thing that freaked the surgeon out was his being able to tell them what they talked about while they were getting him ready for surgery). I could see this fence that inside of being made out of rock was made out of gold and ivory. I sensed the presence of God. I told him I was tired and ready to come home but if He had anything else He needed me to do I was willing to go back." It was at that time he felt his soul go back into his body and he remembered nothing from that point. We got to keep Daddy another five years and he never failed to share his story and tell everyone they needed to be ready to meet God when they died. I pray this story blesses you. It is the gospel truth. God bless.
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