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You Have My Undivided Attention

by Janie King

As human beings, we find it hard to put our total trust and confidence in the Lord. We really try, but when things get stressful, we are prone to try to "help" God solve our problems. It is totally understandable why the Lord lets us find ourselves in situations where we can't "help" Him out. By this, He trains us to totally depend on Him.

God sent me off to Bible college when I was twenty-nine years old. That certainly made me dependent upon the Holy Spirit, but it was obvious I still suffered from putting my two cents into the problem areas.

You would have thought I'd have picked up on the course the Holy Spirit had me enrolled in, but I was so preoccupied I didn't catch on soon enough. Before I knew it, the Holy Spirit started preparing me for my first mission trip to Germany. It didn't matter how many legitimate reasons I gave for declining His prompting. He made sure I got the message. If I wanted to be in the center of God's will, Germany was beckoning me.

This was even a tighter set-up for a course of learning total dependence on God. I had been assured the German people spoke English fluently. The fact that there was no English being spoken on my flight to Cologne prompted my assuring God He was going to have one hysterical female on His hands if there wasn't someone at the airport to pick me up. The young man waiting for me at the luggage pick up smiled and said, "You Janie? Me, Albi."

I had studied World War II history and knew about Hitler and the Holocaust, but it became alive and tangible as we worked among the local people. There was still an unbelievable amount of fear and distrust for their police and for strangers. Every day, the Holy Spirit managed to incorporate me into activities that were impossible to complete without His directions.

Finally, the Holy Spirit decided it was time for testing my growth towards letting go; to see if I would listen to His still, small voice and follow His directions. There were six American students in Germany for the summer. We were granted the privilege of having a week off for a holiday. We were all to go to Amsterdam. The others were going on to France afterwards, but financially I couldn't fit it in, so I would have to get back to Cologne on my own. I should have suspected the Holy Spirit was up to something.

The experiences we had in Amsterdam led us into a place where our trusting the Holy Spirit was mandatory. We were out of our comfort zone. Unknown to us, we had been directed to a room that was in the heart of the red light district, just where six Bible college students needed to be!

The fact that the bathroom for our rooms was down the hall produced a whole new kind of challenge. Since I was nervous about where we were, I had to go to the bathroom a lot that night. I found a drunken man sprawled on the floor between the bathroom and me. You can be sure I had the Holy Spirit with me every time I went out the door. Every time I went back to bed, the flashing red lights made me totally aware of what was going on down below us.

Finally. we ate breakfast and it was time for the others to go their way.....without me! Why had I agreed to even come along? This was totally unrealistic. I had the potential to get lost in my own backyard. What were my chances I would get from Amsterdam back to Germany without major complications?

I started the nine-block walk to the train station. There was no way a train would wait on me; they didn't wait on anyone. There was no English and no one to depend on BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT. At that realization, miraculously I felt myself yield my total existence into His care. I stood at the end of the train depot with absolutely no idea which train I was to get on.

"Okay, you have my undivided attention," I admitted to the Holy Spirit.

I heard a voice barely above a whisper say, "The third train is yours and you'd better hurry or you're going to miss it."

Without debating the issue, I headed for the train. The ticket man looked at my ticket and said, "Jump aboard now!" I had no more than stepped up into the train when it lurched forward. I had to hang onto the seats to get to an empty one, for the train was moving at full speed.

As I sat down at a window seat, I realized for the very first time that I could trust the Holy Spirit completely. He knew which train I needed to be on even when I didn't. He didn't need my help. He just needed me to listen and obey.


Lord, we surrender our mind, soul, body and strength to You completely. We yield our will to You and ask that You take charge of our ways. Birth within us a trust and confidence in who You are, so we will get out of Your way and let You direct our journey all along the way. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Closing Thought

Are you listening for the Holy Spirit to speak to you? Does He have your full attention? We will miss the train that is Heaven bound if we fail to jump on board and surrender our life to Him.


Again this is a devotional piece from my book "Glimpses of Truth." These pieces are just lessons God has taught me along the way...everyone has different things to learn so each person's walk with God is individual. God bless you.
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