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Child's Life Changing Decision

by Janie King

Some decisions we make will alter the course of our lives. Even though I was twelve, I felt ready to make a significant decision on Easter morning. The Life, death and Resurrection of our risen Savior never seems more real than on Easter Sunday. As I walked down the aisle to the altar, and asked Jesus into my heart, I knew I was making a decision that would affect every aspect of my life.

I knew I needed a change in my life. I knew I needed help to be the kind of person I should be. That morning I began a journey that has taken me on many unexpected adventures. Yes, I have had my commitment challenged more times than I can remember.

When I announced to my family the decision I had made, my dad expressed his concern about my being old enough to really understand what I was doing. He had not yet accepted Jesus as his Savior, but he reverenced God with his whole heart.

Dad loved the fact that my mom was a Christian when they married. He told her he would teach us the moral issues, but he wanted her to teach us the way to Christ. He had been hurt by so-called Christians and he didn't want to hurt any one in the same manner. He knew when he decided to give his heart to the Lord it meant his whole life would change as he grew in the Lord.

It's easy for adults to underestimate a child's ability to understand the truths they are being taught from the Word of God. "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 19:14 KJV).

I faced many challenges while attempting to grow up. A parent hates to see their child's world become difficult. There are so many things for children to get tangled up in. But, it didn't take Dad long to realize I understood the seriousness of my decision. He knew that serving Christ wasn't going to be one of the easiest things I had ever done. It would require a special kind of commitment.

Dad watched me struggle with being different than the crowd, by standing for my inner convictions instead of sampling drugs, alcohol and premature sex. He witnessed my limited choice of friends and missed parties of question. He was aware of the periods of loneliness and emotional responses because I couldn't compromise while remaining true to what I knew was right. Even though I made mistakes and didn't always make the mark, he knew I had purposed in my heart to get as close as I could, with the Lord's help.

I knew I was the apple of Dad's eye. I was always aware he watched the determination of my heart to make the right decisions as I grew in the Lord. He respected who I became and trusted me immensely. Parents' actions are very important in a child's life; but I was also aware that the decisions I made would have a great impact on my parents, particularly my dad.

Daddy's in Heaven today. I look forward to rushing into his loving arms once again, knowing this time we'll never have to be separated again. I'll never regret the decision I made on that wonderful Easter Sunday morning.


Lord, help all of us, young and old, to realize that we don't just live to ourselves; that our decisions and actions can help lead a lost soul to You - or drive them away from You. Help us to accept responsibility for our actions and not blame someone else for our failures. Help us to remember we're never too young or too old to serve You. In Jesus' name. Amen

Closing Thought

There is no way for us to get through life without struggles and traumas. But, they will be a lot less destructive if we let the Lord take and make the bad things work out for our good.


This is another piece from my book "Glimpses of Truth." It is written in this format for that reason. Serving God is not easy. There are things that you can't do and that means there are times you feel lonely or left out. Kids make fun of you and the list can go on. My classmates and teachers watched me and I watched them. Their lives had ups and downs too. I saw the sorrow, the grief that drunken parties and unwanted pregnancies brought about. I decided I needed to just hang out with Jesus and be comforted in my heart knowing that He would never leave me alone. Making the decision is a big decision because it does take a special commitment to keep hanging on even in the tough times. God bless you all.
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