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To Do As He Would Do

by Janie King

Today's society has woven into its fiber many principles that are opposite to what God intended. Self-centeredness, self-promotion, and self-preservation contribute to the "it's all about me" syndrome.

When we commit our life to Christ we really have to do a 180 degree turn. We have to let the Holy Spirit teach us to think and act like God. That is the only way we can take on His nature. The "it's all about me" syndrome must die. It takes the Holy Spirit to birth in our hearts that it's really "about God and others."

Once we commit our life to Him, we are to become His Hands Extended. We are His representatives. All too often, our life will be the first exposure an individual has that will show them what Christ is like. Our actions affect both the non-Christian and our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. It's an awesome responsibility. Over the years I have learned that becoming His Hands Extended isn't limited to deeds. It is the prompting of the Holy Spirit that helps us to meet the needs that can't be seen with the naked eye. Only God can hear the cry of a desperate heart. Sometimes it's just making a simple phone call at a crisis moment.

It is so easy to push off those promptings and deem them as no big deal. Has the holy Spirit ever prompted you to do something for someone else that you really didn't want to do? How about Him asking you to do something at an inconvenient time? Has He ever prompted you to put off purchasing something you want, so you can supply a need for someone else?

We can no longer afford to be self-centered, self-promotional, or self-preserving. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to birth within us the nature of God. He loved us enough to allow His Son to die on Calvary so we might have eternal life. He will never ask such a thing of us; but He will ask us to make sacrifices that will touch others' hearts in order to draw them to Himself. He has asked us to be His Hands Extended.

It is important that we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and never underestimate
the importance of His leading. We are the tangible means God has to touch the world today. Failure to respond to His leading causes hearts to become confused and disillusioned, and to lose hope. When we fail to do His bidding it makes it appear to them as if God didn't hear or answer their prayer. When the truth is we failed to do as He bid us do. Remember we are the hands He uses to touch others in this day and time.


Oh Holy God, it is our humble plea that we be sensitive to the directing of the Holy Spirit. Help us to be Your Hands Extended in any way you wish. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear Your voice. Help us to never underestimate the importance of the smallest deed; to never fear the biggest. Help us to treat others as You would treat them. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

Closing Thought

People everywhere cry out for God's help and then wait for His answer. The Holy Spirit then speaks to us and prompts is to meet these needs in different ways and different times. When we don't respond to those promptings, we leave room for Satan to bring about confusion, we give him the opportunity to plant disbelief in their minds, just because we failed to listen to the Holy Spirit's instruction and respond.


This is another piece from my book "Glimpses of Truth." I take all of this serious because I've watched it all work and saw the affects of obeying and putting something off until sometime later. I don't ever want to be responsible for not doing something I feel in my heart to do and have it result in someone feeling God didn't hear their prayer when He did. It is something to really think about. It's something to take seriously. May God bless you all.
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