Horror and Thriller Science Fiction posted October 30, 2011

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Small bundle full of surprises

Star Baby

by forestport12

Personalities are formed in the womb. Our first-born son moved around in my wife's belly as if he were preparing for his life journey as a magician. If only his appearance in the world had been so innocent.

After the first trimester, the sonogram informed us he was a boy. Beyond that everything was unpredictable. We named him Tyler. His name sounded like we had it under control and we knew what we were doing. It turned out his birth name was the only thing we controlled. He came thirteen days early. As my wife Linda was wheeled into the delivery room her water broke. Minutes later, he crowned. She screamed as if she was burning in hell. No sooner did they have her in the bed, he slid down. The doctor came in like a ninth inning catcher. They were all relieved and surprised. I stood in the corner in a puddle of my own sweat. Frankly, it looked like I wet myself.

The charge nurse must have noticed my trance-like state. She led me over to his crib on wheels. She looked down, wide eyed, and said, "Oh no. He's moved. How the..."

"Is he okay?"

"Sure," she said, but she didn't look sure. "I just have to reposition him, that's all."

Tyler moved. He didn't crawl. He didn't slide. But I swore, he moved.

After a few days, we brought him home and Linda had nursed him. She put him back in his crib and we snuggled in our bed for a few hours sleep. I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming that my son was on the roof of our house. He had the same dark fish eyes he possessed from the hospital. He pointed his chubby little finger toward a star, and then laughed at me.

My wife's primal scream shattered my dream. She was in Tyler's room. Our enterprising bundle of love was on the floor underneath his crib. Smiling, he cooed at us.

"Who did this? She screamed. "Who?" She looked at me, as if I was suddenly a genius.

I couldn't feel the words forming in my mouth. It felt as if my gums were injected with Novocain. But I heard them, nonetheless. "Tyler did it."

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