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Mrs. Rodgers' attorney calls Everett as a witness.

A chapter in the book Lonely Hearts Meet

Part one, Chapter 12

by barbara.wilkey

Anna is a young mother striving to find a way out of an abusive marriage. She meets a stranger, Troy. Troy fights his own demons. Can they help each other find love, or are their struggles too much?

"Mr. Page, please tell us about your occupation." Mr. Brown, Mrs. Peggy Rodgers' attorney, stood in front of Everett.

"I'm a private investigator."

Anna let out the breath she'd been holding.

"Is your current employer in this courtroom?"

"Yes, he is."

Paul rose to his feet. "Your honor, the defense agrees Mr. Page works for me. We don't need to waste any more of the court's time."

The judge motioned for the attorney to continue.

Mr. Brown held up a document. "I'm wondering why you left the police force at the height of your career."

"Your honor, I don't see how that's relevant to this case," Paul said from the defendant's table.

"I plan on showing Mr. Page was previously charged with lying under oath and Mr. Sorenson defended him on these charges."

Paul stood. "Those charges were dropped when all the facts were known. He was set up, much like he's being set up right now."

"Or is he capable of getting over on the system?" The attorney turned. "Just a thought." The attorney set the file on the plaintiff's table. "It seems Mr. Sorenson even sent work your way to help your fledging PI business."

"I object. Your honor, this isn't relevant to the custody case before us." Paul turned toward his opponent.

"I agree. Mr. Brown, please continue." Judge Sawyer eyed the young attorney.

"Mr. Page, what is your opinion of the defendant?"

"She's an attractive young professional and a good mother."

"On Friday, October 7th, 2011 you were outside the Rainbow Daycare around three o'clock, correct?"

Everett nodded.

"You must answer the question. Whose request?"

"Yes, I was. At Mr. Sorenson's request."

"I want to know why Mr. Sorenson thought it necessary to pay you to sit outside this daycare center. When he asked you to pull surveillance there, what did he tell you were to look for?"

Everett glanced toward Paul. "My job was to ensure Michael Rodgers' safety. I was to make sure -."

"So even Mr. Sorenson was worried about Ms. Anna Rodgers' ability to choose a good daycare," interrupted Mr. Brown, turning around and pointing at opposing attorney.

Paul jumped up. "I object."

"Mr. Brown, you are not to testify. If you have a question, please ask it." Judge Sawyer gave him a warning glance.
"I wasn't finished." Everett glared at the plaintiff's attorney. "You interrupted before I could finish."

"Your honor, may I speak?" After Judge Sawyer acknowledged Paul, he continued, "I heard Mrs. Peggy Rodgers threaten Anna. If I'm not mistaken her exact words were; you're not going to get my grandson. I'll see you in Hell before you take Bobby's son from him. She spoke these words on the sidewalk in front of this very courthouse."

Mrs. Peggy Rodgers jumped up and shook her finger toward Paul. "Lies, I'd never put my grandson in danger! I want that man sued for slander!"

"Mr. Sorenson, you have been in my courtroom many times you know you can't testify."

Anna hung her head as tears rolled down her cheeks. I'm going to lose my son.

"Mr. Brown, refrain your client from making any further outburst. This is the final warning. Mr. Brown keep your opinion to yourself."

The PI glanced toward the judge. "Your honor, can I finish my sentence?" After the judge nodded, Everett paused before he continued, "Mrs. Peggy Rodgers threatened to take the child from the defendant. I was hired to ensure that didn't happen."

Brown stared at Mrs. Peggy Rodgers. "She looks like a loving grandmother to me. Not a child abductor. I bet she even makes chocolate chip cookies and apple pie."

Mrs. Peggy Rodgers nodded. "I do." She smiled and glared at Anna.

Paul stood. "Your honor, is there a point to this rant?"

Judge Sawyer gave Paul a warning glance before he said, "I'm wondering what your point is myself, Mr. Brown. Are you finished with the witness?"

"No, your honor. I have a few more questions." He turned toward Everett. "Where is the defendant currently living?"

"She rents an apartment where she lives with her son."

"I don't think you understood my question. Where did she and the child spend the past few nights?"

"Since the attempted abduction on Michael, they've been staying at the Sorenson's residence."

"It seems even Ms. Anna Rodger's attorney is worried that she's not capable of caring for her child by herself. Or maybe Mr. Sorenson had something else in mind by having a beautiful woman so close and available."

"Your honor, I emphatically object. I am not on trial here. I am only Anna Rodger's attorney. Mr. Page cannot possible testify about why I am doing anything."

The judge stood. "Mr. Brown, Mr. Sorenson is not a witness in this case and I will not permit such character assassination in my courtroom. One more inappropriate remark from you and I will hold you in contempt of court and report you to the bar. Either ask Mr. Page a question he can answer or finish with the witness."

"If Mr. Sorenson isn't worried about the minor child's safety, what other reason would he have for a young attractive female residing with him?"

Judge Sawyer banged his gavel. "Mr. Brown, do you have proof of any of these accusations?"

He shook his head. "But I feel there are many coincidences that we have no answers for and they should be addressed. We have a minor child's welfare to consider. I'd like to know how a young mother can afford the fees of the most respected attorney in central Texas. He's getting his payment somehow."

Paul stared at the young attorney. "Your honor, I object to this nonsense."

"Mr. Brown, do you have any relevant questions for this witness?"

"Yes, your honor. I have one more." He turned toward the PI. "Has Mr. Sorenson's son, Troy come for a visit while Michael and Anna are residing there?"

"Yes, he often comes for dinner."

"Does he hold and play with the child?"

"Yes, we all do."

Paul stood. "Your honor, is there a point to these questions?"

Brown turned toward Paul. "Yes, there is a point. Every time your son touches the minor child he's risking the child's life. Troy Sorenson is the carrier of a life-threatening blood borne pathogen. Isn't that right, Mr. Page?"


Please note this is chapter 12 of a longer novel. I have described all of my characters in previous chapters.
As I was posting, I made some changes. I hope I didn't mess this post up too much. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
SAFE (stop abuse for everyone)

National Domestic Violence Hotline (800)799-7233
Each state has it's own hotline number.

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