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A childhood experience remembered


by bbowen6757

In my continuing effort to leave a few stories for the grandkids, this is my second offering. I hope you enjoy and one of the days I'll pass them along.

They say that we learn fear, but I'm not sure I agree. It seems to me some things are hard wired into our system. I know that when I was four or five I experienced the first fear that I recall. We didn't live in the country, but it was just a "stone's throw" away. We had a house, built by my dad, which was on three lots. Not the little puny quarter acre, or less, lots that you see today, but probably 2 - 3 acres total in an "L" shape. My dad kept it all mowed somehow, that was before riding mowers were popular and thank God I was too young to mow at the time.

In those days, kids could still play outside and not have to be concerned about some stranger coming along and grabbing them. I remember one late afternoon or early evening I was playing outside alone. I'm not sure where the neighborhood kids were, but not at my house. As I played, I saw a snake. When I say "saw", it was more like I was face to face with a HUGE snake. I live in Texas and Rattlesnakes are in good supply here. I'm not sure that what I saw was indeed a Rattlesnake, I'm not even sure I knew what a Rattlesnake was if I'd seen one. I did, however, know what a snake was and I ran as fast as I could, screaming at the top of my lungs all the way. I was probably only 25 - 30 feet from the house, but on short legs that takes forever. Of course, my mom came running to see what the matter was, but I was busy looking over my shoulder. Now you may not believe this, but that darn snake chased me all the way to the house. Well that's the way I remember it anyway. As I was screaming and crying, my mom grabbed me and "saved" me from the snake. Say what you will, but that day I was "chased" by a snake. To this day, I believe that the only GOOD snake is a DEAD snake. For you "snake lovers" and environmentalists you may think that is terrible, but one little kid to another, that was a BIG snake.


Thanks to VMarguarite for the great "silhouette art" of a boy running.
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