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Time passes quickly and before you know near colle

A chapter in the book The dragon Mareng

The last class of primary school

by robina1978

Mareng is a dragon. He has learned things at home and at school. His best friend is Mara. The pair of them are at the top of the class. They often play together after school.
Mrs. Dragonlake and most parents felt the class was doing so well under her guidance, that it would be best for the children if she stayed with them from year to year. That was why Mrs. Dragonlake went to see the head teacher. His name was Mr. Dragonhead.
"Mr. Dragonhead, could I have a word with you after school?"
"Well, of course, would 3.30 pm this afternoon be alright for you?"
"Fine, I will look forward to seeing you then."

This meant the teacher and the parents had to wait nearly a full day for the outcome. They were all a bit stressed, but hopeful. After the bell Mrs. Dragonlake went straight to the office of the head teacher.

"Hello, what is on your mind?"
"There is a matter I would like to discuss on behalf of the parents of my class. The parents and I think the children would benefit if I moved on with the class up to the last grade."
"Oh, this is a very unusual request, could you possibly clarify the reason?"
"The children in this class and I get on so well, that I think it would be good for them to stay under my guidance. I have not discussed it with them of course. But their parents indicated the same recently. So this is the reason and I sincerely hope that you can agree to this."

Mr. Dragonhead said he would have to think about it and suggested they have a cup of tea together and discuss it further. Ten minutes later the head master gave his decision:
"I feel, if this is your wish and that of the parents, I have to say yes."

Mrs. Dragonlake thanked him and went straight to the parents, who were waiting for her answer in the school yard. The parents were very pleased and thanked her for her effort. Jointly they decided that she would tell the children first thing the next morning. When the children heard she would stay with them, they were so pleased, as they all liked her very much.

Time went quickly for all involved: the teacher, the parents and the children. Each year had brought new challenges for the children. They loved growing up and all that came with it. The teacher and parents sometimes thought: 'how quickly they have grown.'

Almost every year most of the children passed on to the next class. If one or two did not manage, they were given an extra chance with extra lessons in the long summer break. Over the years this meant only two children did not pass to the next year.

The children were now at the level of the 6th grade. In the 6th grade they learned some French, as preparation for college. Near the end of the year they still had to pass an exam that would decide if they would be allowed to go to college and which one.
Most of them wanted to go to the same college. Mrs. Dragonlake had explained to them though this might not be possible and they had to be prepared for the possibility of being split up to go to different colleges. They should not worry though, as they would make new friends there.

Mareng and Mara begged to be allowed to stay together:
"You can't split us up Mrs. Dragonlake. We always play together after school. And we both would like to go to a college that makes it possible to go to university together later."
"What would you like to be?"
"I would like to be a Doctor. Mara would like to become a Doctor or a midwife."
"I promise you that both of you can go to the same college and that would also mean that you can stay together."

Mareng and Mara were over the moon with this answer. After school they went to both their houses to tell their parents the good news. They had a glass of lemonade and a celebration cake at Mara's place. Then they went off to play as it was a homework free afternoon.

They played badminton the dragon way. As they grew older, their play changed. In the distance they could see some older teenagers walking home from college. Both of them looked with interest. But then they saw such strange things.
Mareng: "Look Mara, they look so funny." He laughed at them.
"Why are you laughing, Mareng?"
"Look for yourself and you will see why."
Mara looked where Mareng pointed. And started giggling. Some teenagers were holding each other's hands and sometimes even kissing.

They said to each other, that they hoped they would never behave so silly.
Then they both went to their own house. Over dinner , they told their parents about what they had seen. Their parents looked at each other, said nothing and just smiled.

The end of June all children passed their exam. There was a huge celebration at school as the picture shows you.


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