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The President Speaks

by Spiritual Echo

"Fellow Americans, I stand before you as a symbol, the highest post in the land, but let me reassure you, that I am just a man. The President of these United States of America represents power and I feel that responsibility every day. When I took office four years ago, it was a lifetime aspiration, one that I felt immensely qualified to fill. I thought I would go down in history, leaving a legacy of noble accomplishments for my grandchildren to admire.

For a brief moment I bought into that dream and was ready to fire the cannons of altruism into the sky, launch a new era, bring hope to our country, but I was wrong. I'm going to level with all of you. The world is too damn big to make a difference. There is only one way to allow America to survive and that is a simple formula. We have to give up the notion of being a world power. If we want to make sure our babies are fed, we need to stop sending money to Africa and invest in domestic war, the war on poverty.

We Americans are an arrogant lot. We meddle in the affairs of countries, imposing our will and beliefs on a global community, yet what have we gained? Our inflated egos think we have brought democracy to oppressed nations. We publicize pictures of shrouded women as examples of what we are striving to abolish. Yet the woman down the street from you who was beaten in drunken haze by a frustrated man, who hasn't worked in years, gets barely a nod when you see the remnants of abuse the next day. No one volunteers to free her from her oppression.

We don't look after our own.

As your president I spend millions of dollars and all my days signing papers that represent America's position in the global community. The only time I ever see America, my America, is when a natural disaster occurs and then, only then, do the spin doctors pack up a suitcase for me to fly out to parts of our country where our people are bleeding. They do so at their own peril because every time I feel your hand, your skin touching mine, I am reminded that I am your president. You are counting on me to make a difference and so tonight, I want you to fully believe that I intend to do all that.

America has enjoyed the lowest taxation rate in the world. We have rewarded entrepreneurs and business for forging ahead and building this country and we will continue to do so, but, as of this day we will be paying our own way. For those of you enjoying generous tax exemptions, you will be shocked to know that as of Monday morning those earning more than one hundred thousand dollars will automatically be taxed at a rate of fifty percent. The alternative is that we continue to allow China to subsidize the American dream. For those of you who do not fully understand economics, let me be clear; China is the majority stockholder in America. We will never be able to repay our debt in my lifetime and unless we reclaim our country and begin to believe in ourselves, our children will have Mandarin as a required school subject.

We are no longer in the business of war and fellow Americans, understand this one fundamental truth; war is business. There are literally trillions being made in war contracts. The people who are getting rich don't send their kids to Iraq. They are busy accumulating wealth so that their kids will never know what a callous feels like. I am not diminishing the true love and devotion of the kids, the young men and women, who have died for America, but these have been senseless deaths and I take full responsibility. Let me repeat, America is no longer in the business of war.

Let us also be clear and totally honest about this war. It's been ten years since America was attacked on its own soil and the war on terrorism will never be won by bankrupting our own citizens. It would be naive and irresponsible of me to tell you that our economy is not tied to global trade, but America's resources are rich and we as a country are wealthy and blind to the infinite treasures we have within our borders. We will learn how to unharness our talents and fire our imagination. If that means we fuel cars with corn instead of oil, so be it. We have the technical genius to make all things possible.

Beginning Monday every American citizen will be eligible for a guaranteed income. We will eliminate the word 'welfare' from our vocabulary.

Every American citizen will be obliged to do community service, forty hours annually in order to retain their citizenship. Being an American, by birth or choice is a privilege and every one of us will pay for our national pride by service to others.

We talk about 'The American Dream' yet many of you are living a nightmare, no longer sure that you can make the rent payment or buy enough food to feed your family. The dream, the endless possibilities that America once promised has dissolved into despair. We have forgotten what made this country great, but I am here to remind you what made America possible. It was you or perhaps your grandparents who stepped onto the soil that still lies beneath our feet. They took a deep breath and began to carve out a future and that is what I am asking each and every one of you to do today, believe in a tomorrow, a better America, a stronger America, our America."

As the president completed his address the lights dimmed and the camera man began dismantling the equipment that had captured the Presidential speech. He looked up as the statesman pushed his chair back from the desk.

"Sir, is it true? Did North Korea activate its nuclear weapons?"

"Yes, its true, but they haven't released a fire order. They could be aimed at anyone."

"But, Sir," the cameraman stammered. "They could kill us all."

"Yes," the President said as he paused before leaving the studio, "And so could we and nearly did."

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Writing Prompt
Write a 500 to 2700 word essay on what you would do if you were the President of the United States, and you can a cooperative Congress and Senate.

The entry with the ideas that most effectively and postitively impact the United States and The World in general will win.

All ideas are welcome, and should be elaborate enough to include how such ideas and programs could be funded if applicable.


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