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Scottish vernacular Quatrain.

aabb a poem fur u

by alexgardiner

To listen to this poem click the wee wee arrow below next to the wee lude speekir graphic.
A poetry contest, write a Quatrain,
ok ,doing ma best wull be ma aim.
Cash prize $100 for the winnin' poem,
I'll try, noo let's think, let's git go-in.

1236 Poets oan fanstory,
aw writin' fur a wee bit o' fun an' glory.
Aw kind o' poems sma' an large,
noo lets start thinkin', lets tak charge.

aabb quatrains a luv the best,
ok noo lets pit this poem tae the test,
Lookin at aw the poets here that be,
great , superb blidy poets we aw kin see.

Ah wull oanly name a few,
wans that I respect a'll gie ma due,
Adewpearl, Margaret Snowdon, and Bonny Words tae,
am sure aw you ithers poets arrr' quite ofay .

There's judy C , Judian J an' the Stranger, Cletus Hardiman,
they write poetry as oaftin' as they can.
Gungalo, Whizpurr ^-^ anither twa clever poet Lasses,
aw o' they poets arrrr' at the tope o' their class's.

Daph's Delights l.raven Fleedleflump poetbear ,
aw write poems wae wae abuv average fair.
sweetsilversong bbowen6757 Lads wae a lote o' skill,
miss joyce , Nelks Bonny lass's their poems a'ways fill the bill.

Espresso momma an' whispersofthesoul a'ways there fur me,
an' stanishmichelle smilin' fur aw us tae see.
There's Happy Poet an' Louise Michelle frae Texas land,
she's gote used tae ma vernacular an' that's jist blidy grand.

Cynthea an' her luvy man Chris Tee,
a'ways there fur me tae see.
peggles a canny furget tae mention,
like me she's oan the blidy Auld Age pension.

egmosley a Bonny Lass frae Georgia in the USA,
336 poet oan the list jist up + 2 as oaf taday.
Noo there's a limit tae whae a kin mention,
tae miss oot sum is nae ma intention.

Wan Bonny Lass a very lote a miss,
is a Bonny Lass frae Canada called Tillom Gliss.
Poetry in the form of a Quatrain a luv the best.
spoked in the Scoatish vernacular an' a'ways in happy jest.

Tae aw they great poets ah hivnae mentioned,,
you wull get spoked aboot next time. Aye that's ma intention.
Sae dinny get yer knickers in a bloomer knot,
cos av' gote yea aw covered, enuf said. Aye that's yer lot:)

OH! Maybe this Bonny Lass frae Aussieland,
Piggies Grandma She's jist sae blidy grand.
tomprato anither Lad jist springs tae mind,
Anither Bonny Lass whae's a'ways there fur me,
Aplgwest frae San Diego a Bonny Lass tae the nth degree.

The Auld Yin.

Quatrain Poetry Contest contest entry


A wee sample o' Scoatish vernacular.
Anither = another
Tatties = Potatoes
Beryl = Frustration
Wance = Once (Listen carefully I will tell you this only once)
Wheeshed = Be Quiet. ( Hud yer wheeshed or a wull lam yer bum)
Breed = Bread
Oaf = off
Blidy Nora = Scottish exclamation!!!! Means Blidy Nora!!!
Jings = Oh dear!! Oh Bugger! Aw naw!!
Gawin' = Going
Unnerstondin' = understanding
Wurd = word
Lude = loud
Pronoonced = Pronounced
Amber Fluid = Whisky
Thanks The Auld Yin.

Listen to this poem as you read. Click the wee wee arrow next to the wee lude speekir graphic above the picture of 'Happy tearful clown'.

Clown watercolour, colouredpencil by The Auld Yin.

If it does not work you may need to download 'Quick Time Player' from the Internet. it is a free download.
I use the Scottish vernacular in 90% of my poems.

The musical sounds and twists of the Scottish words used famously by 'Robert Burns', gives colour and with a little imagination and patience from the reader, makes for a experience in poetry which differs from the usual.
They say the English language is hard to master. Here all you need as I have mentioned is patience of mind and no preconceived ideas as to what is normal.

I know that some still cannot get used to the idea of this vernacular. I do apologize ; however if I do not use this dialect there would be no point in me writing at all. It is different I know but there is enough beautiful 'English' poems on FanStory that it should not matter. So, as it gives me great deal of pleasure I hope you do not mind me carrying on with this style. Thank you:) :) :): :)

Clown watercolour, colouredpencil by The Auld Yin.
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