Sports Poetry posted July 14, 2011

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Stiff as a Board ... and Kind of Woody ...


by closetpoetjester

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

The latest trend to spread world wide
Will be to mimic wooden plank
To lie face down with arms to side
Is latest viral trend world wide
Stupidity is bonifide
This practiced stunt is such a wank
This idiotic trend world wide
Shall be to mimic wooden plank

I wonder who we have to thank
For twittery that those have tried
And danger factor ups the rank
I wonder who we have to thank
For such a fucking mindless prank
In leading "planks" who fell and died
As obstacles these nitwits flank
Can make this art form suicide

Their short lived fame won't be denied
While parroting the wooden plank
As You Tube clip or pic supplied
Is proof each twit indeed complied
But spare a thought for "stiffs" that died
'Cos sense of this just draws a blank
As way to keep one occupied
I deem it Gen Y's biggest wank!




"wank" = slang and refers to masturbation or having your hand on it...

The creative art of "planking" has taken the world by storm and subsequently a large percentage of idiots have followed this dangerous trend.

"Planking" is when you lie face down with your arms to the side in an original or incongruous location.
The sillier, the better, apparently...of course the process is NOT complete without a photo or vid to support the scale of sheer stupidity.
Twits that have "planked" merely a few metres off the ground have quite often fallen breaking bones and egos. Some have even died.

Thanks for reading ...

BTW These Triolets are so heavily modified I'm not gonna bother with all the notes. Hip hip hooray!

My sincerest apologies to any sensible Gen Y people out there.
Unfortunately to date your generation has some of the craziest and most outlandishly stupid past times.
Sorry but its fact.

I also listed this under the "Sports" category as some imbeciles consider this a bloody sport.
Not sure how THAT works! LOL

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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