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One of the healthiest foods

Tiny, Sweet & Hard To Beat/Told PW

by Janie King

Have you ever thought about the miracle God performs every time you eat honey? God started out by creating a bee. Do you know what a bee goes through to produce one of the healthiest foods God created?

Bees start out as an egg and go through four stages of growth (egg, larva, pupa, and adult).

The queen bee is different from the other workers in that these eggs are fed royal jelly every day of their lives. The drones and workers are only fed royal jelly for three days. The queen matures in sixteen days, drones in twenty-four and the workers in twenty-one days.

The royal jelly is very high in protein, amino acids and especially panoththenic acid. The Queen bee will live three to seven years while the other bees will only live two to three months.

The Queen at maturity will lay eggs as a virgin (unfertilized eggs) in the hive. These eggs hatch as drones, which are the male bees. At this time, she will take her one and only trip out of the hive for her nuptial flight. She has powerful strength and soars straight upward to high limits. The drones chase after her. Only the strongest drone will mate with her. After mating he dies, leaving a lifetime of sperm in her body.

She returns to the hive and lays eggs for the rest of her life. These eggs become sterile females which become nurses, workers or guards. The nurse bee can make another Queen bee by feeding the royal jelly continuously to another egg. The guards protect the hive and throw out the workers and drones that don't produce enough honey.

Bees work hard. They gather nectar from the flowers. It take approximately 7,000,000 flower tubes visited to produce one pound of honey. Bees wings became worn with the many miles of flying. They communicate by the movements of their bodies and wings that directs them to the location of good places to go for good nectar. They are a tight society working together, volunteering themselves to the well-being of the hive.

God magnificently combined the nectar of the flowers and the enzymes from the bees body and created honey. The ancient historians called it the "Nectar of the Gods."

Our Creator chocked the honey full of nutrients: Carbohydrates for energy (fast and efficient), minerals for electrolytes and healing, the B-complex group of vitamins, antioxidants, Vitamin D and E.

The energy from honey is more than sugar availability. It is powdered with all of the above to heal and keep organized energy flowing. It's a peacemaker between systems called into action for emergencies. No food will absorb like honey under the tongue and into the body. It can help ward off shock.

Honey is twice as sweet as sugar. It is made up of fructose as well as glucose. Fructose breaks down slower than glucose. Therefore, in sports its quick but sustaining energy is very beneficial.

Honey is the only food that will not decay or rot or spoil no matter how long you have it. It may crystallize but heating it up and letting the crystals melt will put it back into its liquid state.

As with any food, too much of a good thing is not wise even with the healthiest of foods.


To me the history of a bee is very complex. Doc loved to explain these magnificient processes to me in such simple terms that I would know what was being said. I found this fascinating. Hope you enjoy. God bless.
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