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A Garden to Behold/Told by PW

by Janie King

The Garden of Eden was God's magnificent place of perfect provision for Man. Adam and Eve's sin forced them to be put outside of the Garden with the gates being forever closed. From that day forward Man would have to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow.

The Lord is so good to continue to bless our harvest with water, sunshine, good soil and prayer. The challenge is to survive the outside forces and grow.

The cold winters give birth to spring and produce a feeling of excitement in the air. It's a time when my fingers itch to dig deep into the soil and turn it over in preparation for planting my seedlings. I can't wait to rake the mulch and put it in my wheel barrow. I combine the mulch with minerals and gently work them into the soil, being careful to not disturb my earthworms.

The night's sleep brings me dreams of my garden layout. My bed is covered with seed catalogs (wish books) that offer me hundreds of wonderful planting possibilities. I gather my little cups and potting soil so I can prepare healthy seedlings. My excitement makes it hard to maintain enough patience to not plant them too early, an error that stunts their growth and makes them spindly. They are rather like us, they must take one day at a time.

I feel a sense of reverence as I plant my seedlings. A healthy plant in a healthy garden bed will share its wealth of nutrients with me. Realizing the earth is weary and worn, as we are, I carefully offer it the nourishment needed to produce healthy plants. I pray for God's blessings on my garden each day. I'm not the only one that depends on its rich bounty for life abundant. I plant extra so I might share my harvest with others.

My Spring fling brings joy as it matures from its nursery state to harvest time. Picking and sharing my bounty with others is one of life's rare pleasures. It is close in similarity of sharing life abundant in Christ with others. Whether the person is young or old in the Lord, the uplifting gift of life shared can bring a bit of hope in the weary worn soul.

Our bodies suffer from diseases and illnesses as a garden suffers from the weeds, and inclimant weather. Fungi, bugs and blight can be depressing. Epsom salt in a water sprayer will help the yellow leaves to heal and give the fruit the opportunity to spring back into its beauty. Soil, sun and water are components of growth. The growth cycle fails when they are not present. The soil may be poor, the sun too hot, and water scarce yet growth still occurs.

What makes something grow in spite of the attacks? What makes others stop and fail? Season after season, garden after garden, I ask myself these questions. If I'm too tired to water, or called away and can't, there is a grace period where the garden will survive because they are strong plants, like God promised us. They grow one day at a time.

We must take one day at a time. He is sufficient unto this day. He reminds me of His promise. I will never have more to bear than I can handle. Our Heavenly father keeps "His eyes on the sparrow and He watches me."

He will send the rain to quench our thirst, tough the sun's rays to lessen the burning sting that will bless instead of curse, care for the inhabitants of the soil and feed them. Therefore, they can keep the soil healthy with nutrients strong plants and bring to harvest fruit that is fit for a King. He is gracious to supply an abundant harvest so that it may be we'll have plenty to share with our fellow man.

God has blessed me by letting me be a medical physician, with a specialty in narration and structural care. What an opportunity to treat body, souls and spirit. It is my pleasure to be able to share a few healthy tidbits with you. We will see how we can meet our challenges to survive and grow outside of Eden. I will share information on foods that bring health to our bodies. These will increase your immunity, help improve your attitude, alertness, and total well-being. These are foods that will help take care of the temple of God, our bodies.

Eating things that are good for you can be pleasant, while preparing them can even be more fun. I invite you to travel along with me as I share the tidbits of truth that will allow your temple, the temple of God, to begin to respond in better health.


This is just a piece Doc wanted to do comparing today's garden and the Garden of Eden. She has one more really neat piece about the honey bee that ties into this article.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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