Children Fiction posted June 22, 2011

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Snowball writes CJ a letter

Snowball's Dilemma

by Janie King

Once upon a time there were four little kittens born under Grandma Doc's pepper plants. Three were solid black and one came with a few black spots and lots of white. My name is Snowball and this is his story.

Early one morning Grandma Doc decided to help C.J. catch me so I could go live with him. I wasn't very co-operative because I didn't know what that meant. Grandma Doc must have helped catch kittens before. Before I knew it she was cuddling me in her arms and we headed next door to C.J.'s house.

We were all pretty excited. I've never been inside a house before. Grandma Doc bent down to let me meet Daisy Mae. Help! Dogs are supposed to hate cats. Guess what? She just gave me a big licky kiss. The dogs outside tried to eat me. Wow, maybe house dogs are okay.

Living at C.J's was pretty nice. They let me have the run of the house, which was lots of fun. I loved playing hide-n-seek with them.

C.J. and I became great pals. Then, he told me he was going to camp. What was camp? He told me I could write him a letter. What is a letter?

I'm not sure I like this camp thing. It's been two whole days since C.J. left. Miss Annie and Grandma King are great but they sure do know how to embarrass a guy.

Hey Pal:

How's your good old camping trip? Learn lots so maybe we can do a cat camp out with my brothers someday. We could hike too. Come to think of it I'm pretty tender footed.

Ugh, we need to have a talk. Do you know what Miss Annie did? She changed my litter box yesterday! Imagine a "girl" bothering a guy's private litter box. I was soooo embarrassed!! Man, what a thing a guy has to go through when his best buddy is away for a few days.

Grandma King is at it again. You know how I love to play in her tub? I jumped in after she went to bed and splash. Water! I was soaking wet. Why would anyone put water in my tub? I could have drowned!

Daisy Mae is being her usual little pain in the neck. She keeps eating my food. So, I just keep sneaking into her bedroom at night and chow down on her food. What else can a guy do?

I better sign off now so my letter can be mailed. You can tell me all about camp when you get home.



One more day gone. I know I'm just a kitten but now is my favorite time of day. It makes me realize how special my human family is to me. I have a family that knows how to pray, I hear them pray for me and C.J. every night. That makes me feel so safe. I wonder if prayer is like writing a letter?

Dear God:

Thanks you for a wonderful day and my human family. Please bring C.J. home safe.


An Animal's Perspective writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story that is between 300 and 600 words. Think of an animal and write from its personal perspective. Describe what life is like through the eyes of either a real or mythical creature.


Much of this is a true story. Snowball was born under Doc's pepper plants. He begged for the little white cat. He had tried feeding it several days and it wouldn't come near him. So, I felt safe in telling him if he could catch it he could have it. I should have known. He went and got Doc and she helped him catch him. Mom has restless leg syndrome and is in and out of the tub 2-3 times letting the jet stir the water to try to help her legs. She left the water in the tub. C.J. came and asked me why the cat was soaking wet? He was always teasing me so I laughed at him. In seconds he plopped a soaking wet cat in my lap. Now you will find Snowball peeking over into the tub to verify no water before he jumps in. C. J. went to camp that summer and I wrote this letter and mailed it to his camp. Snowball is now seven and C.J. just graduated from high school but they are still the best of buddies. Hope you enjoy.
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