Children Fiction posted May 25, 2011

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Hope where there was none

What Do You See?

by Janie King

Glancing in the rear-view mirror allowed me the opportunity to sneak a peek at the eight little girls that had officially become my charges this afternoon. They ranged from ten to twelve years old. They were all so different yet so much alike. The two things they shared were the fact they didn't have an adult support system and they were all struggling with the side effects of being what their classmates called "fat." I had no problem associating with their struggle. It had taken me years to break the cycle of this detrimental behavior.

An awe-struck hush fell over the girls as the van came to a stop in front of what the girls had dubbed the Dream Mansion. It didn't matter that the house was a hundred years old or that the porch steps were worn from the use of previous families. What mattered most to them was its being big enough for each of them to have their own room for the first time in their lives.

Pastor Ron and the ladies' care team rushed out with arms open for hugging each little girl as they prepared to enter a whole new world. Here there would be adults that would share the love of God with them no matter what their struggle might involve.

Bessie, pulling on my shirt tail, brought me back to the moment. "Can we go see our new rooms, Miss Annie?" she asked in such a meek little voice. Her matted hair and worn clothing birthed a new determination in me to make their lives better in the natural and spiritual realm. The Holy Spirit had drawn together a spiritual team that would minister truth and love during the weeks ahead of us.

Cupping my hand under her chin, I smiled and declared it was time. I took her hand and we ventured up on the spacious front porch that had a large swing at each end. Four of my cherubs were already swinging and laughing the laughter of contented children.

The little tribe tried to squeeze through the front door all at once. They turned in circles with their mouths open as they gazed at the high ceilings in the hallway. The creamy yellow paint made the room feel as if the sunshine had just burst forth for them.

The railing at the staircase was an immediate attraction. I could see the wheels turning in their heads. "No sliding down this railing until Pastor Ron shows you how to do it safely," I admonished as we proceeded to the landing at the top of the stairs. Their impish little grins made me know I was tuned in, at least for the moment.

"There's no need for pushing," I instructed as I began to feel the danger of being stepped on by the crowd behind me. "You will find your name on your bedroom door."

The wood floor on the landing was shining from its recent cleaning. The cream colored wallpaper with the delicate daisies were a perfect welcome for a house full of little girls.

The squealing, laughter and obvious delight coming from the girls' room assured all of us the hard work it took to get ready for them was worth more than money could buy.


This is FICTION. Yes, fiction. Probably the only fiction piece I ever wrote. I took a writing class and was handed a picture and told to write down what was happening in that picture. I thought the instructor had lost her mind. She just smiled at me and said, "Go." I was totally amazed at the story that just happened. I hope you enjoy. It's the only fictional piece I have. God bless.
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