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Tanisha comes home from Spooky's house in tears

A chapter in the book Tanisha's Way

Listen to Big Momma

by Deejharrington

Big Momma sat in front of the T.V., with her feet up. Swollen ankles and Alex Trebek were some of the things she could count on these days. She settled in to enjoy her programs after a long day help'in at church. Thinking about all the poor people they'd feed today, had given her a warm feeling deep in her heart. Made her feel right at peace, it surely did.

Big Momma's peace and quiet exploded by the slamming of the front door, the pounding of feet up the stairs, mingled with sobs and someone trying to hide it. That can be only one person, my darlin' girl, thought Big Momma. Only after she heard the bedroom door slam shut, did Big Momma begin to heave herself out of her chair and proceeded to climb the stairs. 'Somethin' was botherin' my baby girl', and she aimed to find out what.

She slowly and carefully made her way up the stairs. At the top, she stopped to catch her breath. As she walked up to Tanisha's door, she heard sobbing and wet hiccupy sounds. "Baby girl, it's me, Big Momma. Open the door."

"Noooooo. I can't taaaalk right now. I wannna be alone!" Tanisha cried through the closed door.

"Now, honey. There ain't nothin' we can't talk 'bout. Let your Big Momma in and we'll make it better together."

She heard the lock click open. As she entered Tanisha's room, what she saw just 'bout broke her heart. Her girl was face down, sprawled across her bed. Her face was buried into what had to be a soaking wet pillow. " Sit up and let your momma hold you and tell me what this is all 'bout."

Tanisha slowly and reluctantly turned over. Big Momma saw her red, swollen eyes still full of tears. Her expression looked like her world was over. Big Momma sat on the side of the bed and gathered her granddaughter in her arms. "Now you tell me what all this cry'in is 'bout? Did Spooky do somethin'? Or is it a boy who hurt your feelins'?"

Tanisha looked up in surprise. Big Momma always seemed to know what was happening in her life. "It wasn't Spooky's fault. I mean, if Jerome likes her better than me, that's just the way it is. She's in his grade and pretty and knows all sorts of things. I can see why he'd pick her instead of me. But, whhhhy does it gotta hurt so baaaad." Tanisha put her head on Big Momma's shoulder and continued to cry.

Big Momma got 'bout half of that, but it didn't make no sense.
"Baby, you need to start at the beginnin' for me. Who is this Jerome? What did Spooky do or not do that made it bad?"

Tanisha told Big Momma about the whole day. How much fun they had at the mall, the manicure, and the nice dinner she had at the Sorensen's house. Then Jerome, a boy from the school's study group, called and asked for Spooky. That's when Tanisha asked to be driven home.

"So, because this here boy Jerome called for Spooky, you took that to mean he was pickin' her as his girlfriend. Did you ever think that maybe he was callin' for some school work? Or maybe they be just good friends? There are a world of things this boy coulda been calling 'bout. Maybe just maybe, you reacted kinda quick? Did you even talk to Spooky and ask her? Huh? Or did you just high-tail it out of there, crying your eyes out?"

Tanisha raised her head to look Big Momma in the eye. A startled look was on her face. Big Momma knew she'd hit the nail on the head. She knew her girl and how she jumped like a frog before she took a long look at things.

"Oh, no! I just asked Tony, her brother, to drive me home. Spooky was trying to call me to stay but I refused to listen to her, I just figured Jerome was callin' to talk to her. He liked her and not me. I guess I shoulda' stayed and heard her out." Tanisha looked very ashamed.

"I think maybe you owe Spooky an apology and a chance for your BBFF to explain what really happined"?

Tanisha laughed through the last of her drying tears, "Oh, Big Momma, that's BFF, best friends forever."

"Well, whatever you call her, why don't ya get her on the phone and talk to the girl." Big Momma looked at her and smiled.

Just then the phone downstairs rang. "Maybe that's Spooky!" Tanisha ran out of her room, took the stairs two at a time and got to the phone before it had rang a third time. "Hello? Oh, Spooky, I'm so glad it's you. I was just gonna call you. I'm so sorry. No, no, I'm the one who should be sorry. You didn't do a thing. Yeah, I know. I shoulda stayed. Ya, I heard you. Yeah, we need to talk 'bout this in person." Tanisha turned to Big Momma, "Can Spooky come over now, so we can talk? Please, Big Momma, can she?"

"Course she can come over. You don't have school tomorrow just church. She can stay the night, if you want her to." Big Momma started to make her way back down the stairs. She hoped she hadn't missed final Jeopardy.

Tanisha was jumping up and down as she and Spooky made their plans for a sleep over.


Tanisha is a sixth grader at a new school. She has made a new best friend, Samantha, aka Spooky. She also has developed a crush on an eighth grade boy named Jerome.
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