Letters and Diary Poetry posted June 21, 2011

This work has reached the exceptional level
If I WERE To Go ...

It's Time

by closetpoetjester

It's Time ...

It's been a wedge for far too long
I think it's time,
A year or more, it's been my song
My major crime,
I can't maintain poetic tryst
I'm wiping word play from my list
Despite the fact it's been sublime
I think it's time

With family's where I belong
My home bells chime,
No longer neck deep in this throng
I'm shunning rhyme,
It pains me 'cos I'm all or bust
Yet say Goodbye I simply must
In spite of feeling in my prime
I think it's time

I promise precious pals I've made
I'll be just fine,
I wish I could have somehow stayed -
Not stretched the line,
With threat to homelife all too clear
I bid you farewell with a tear
And as I leave this Cyber-Shrine
I'll be just fine

Through firm foundations FS laid
In friends of mine,
Encouragement, support displayed
No fast decline,
But Time has come ... this walrus said
Decision tough, but free I'll tread
And as I leave by own design
I'll be just fine ...



Hang on, wait ...
Please read SUB TITLE properly.
This was an "IF" scenario.

BUT ... The constant juggling act IS starting to get to me and I don't know how much longer
I can throw 5 balls in the air without dropping them.

It's beening burning me both ends for months now with less posts and reviewing and with the
skirmishes at home over it, I've often thought it's just not worth staying.

I'm an all or nothing kinda girl so when I commit, I find it hard to do in small doses.
Thus I have been inspired more than once to pen the 'Goodbye' write.

This could be a dressed rehearsal I suppose, so if I disappear one day never to return,
I think I have clearly stated how I feel.

To those I've missed reviewing of late, may I take this opportunity to apologise and I hope to
catch up shortly ... but OF COURSE you've heard that before. LOL

Anyhow, thanks for reading my perfect Double Octogram ...

BTW ... I DO NOT want, nor do I INTEND leaving just yet.
I just had to set this write free.
It's been truly haunting me.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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