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Tanisha joins the Geometry group with a surprise

A chapter in the book Tanisha's Way

The Study Group

by Deejharrington

Please read the first 4 chapters of "Tanisha". If really interested, the first novel "Ms N.O.R.T. introduces all the characters.
After the sixth hour bell rang, Tanisha met Spooky outside the Library. A few other kids were standing around outside, but inside the room was empty.

"Are ya sure it's open?" Tanisha asked as she peeked in the windows.

Spooky laughed. "It's always like that. Most kids avoid the Library like parent/teacher conferences. We always have the place to ourselves."

"I gotta call Big grandmother and tell her I'll be late." Tanisha looked around for a pay phone. When she asked Spooky where she could find one, Spooky looked at her like she'd asked for a carrier pigeon.

"Don't ya have a cell phone?" Spooky asked with an astonished look on her face.

Tanisha was embarrassed to tell her Big Momma wouldn't hear of it, saying when she could pay the bill, she could get herself one of them celler phones.

"I...ah...left it at home." Tanisha stammered the lie.

Spooky pulled out the latest in phones. The ones that do everything but your homework. "Here, you can use mine," she offered.

Tanisha stared at it for a moment, totally baffled at how to use it.

Spooky took back the phone. "Here, let me. What's your number?"

Tanisha recited her number and Spooky handed it back to her as it started to ring.

It didn't take long for Big Momma to answer. "Praise the Lord. Hello?"

"Big Momma, it's me, Tanisha. I wanted to know if it's O.K. if I stay after school to study math with a group of kids in my class? They're good kids and I'll be home by five o'clock, I promise." she said in one long breath. Tanisha crossed her fingers as she waited for Big Momma's decision.

Big Momma was very protective and suspicious of kids she didn't know. "You sure they be good kids? And not any gang bangers or those gothy ones?" Big Momma asked.

"No, Big Momma, they all want to study to get better grades in math and asked me to join them. Is it alright? Please? I promise I won't be late for supper. I'll even do the dishes," Tanisha bargained.

Big Momma gave out a big sigh and gave in, "I suppose, but you had better be on time. I ain't keeping dinner for you."

"Thank you, Big Momma. I promise I'll be even early." Tanisha promised with relief.

Handing the phone back to Spooky, Tanisha told her it was O.K.

"Your grandmother is kinda strict, huh?" Spooky asked.

"Yeah, she thinks everybody is goin' kidnap me or somethin'" Tanisha tried to laugh it off.

"Looks like everyone is here. Let's go in," Spooky said as she opened the doors.

She pointed to a back table by the windows. There was already a few kids seated at a table. Books and papers were scattered all over and a lively discussion was going on.

Tanisha stopped in her tracks. She could only see one boy. To her, he stood out like a ray of sunshine. He was tall and thin but not skinny. His mocha colored skin set off his green eyes. But, it was his smile that had stopped Tanisha like an invisible wall. Wide-eyed, she could only stare.

Spooky realized Tanisha had stopped walking. Following her line of vision, she said, "Oh, you got good taste. That's Jerome. He's in the National Honor Society, president of the eighth grade class and quarterback of the football team. Yeah, you can pick 'em. Good luck with that one." Spooky walked toward the group and sat down.

Tanisha pulled herself out of her fantasy and followed Spooky. She started to pull her stuff out of her book bag. She tried not stare at Jerome, but was failing miserably.

Tanisha had friends that were boys. But never a boyfriend. This was a whole new feeling for her. She wasn't sure what to do with them. Geometry was the last thing on her mind.


Tanisha's first day of 7th grade. She has got lost, ran into a gang, and walked into a smokey bathroom, where a girl gave her directions to her first hour. A new friend, Spooky has asked her to join a math study group. The group includes the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
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