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Tanisha's first day of junior high school

A chapter in the book Tanisha's Way

The Prison

by Deejharrington

Tanisha is a young and spunky girl we first met in my novel "Ms N.O.R.T." This novel begins with her first day of school at junior high.

Sorry about the hard line breaks, I didn't put them in.
After what seemed like hours, Tanisha's bus pulled up in front of her new
school. She peered out the dirty window at the building that would hold her captive for the next 182 days. "Yup,captive is right", Tanisha mumbled to herself. She had heard the old rumor that the architect who designed it use to do prisons. Seeing the huge wall that surrounded the outside with no windows visible, she could believe it.

Tanisha gathered her backpack and stood up. Kids were starting to slowly shuffle off the bus. There was a long line at the main door to the school. She wondered what was the hold up? When she finally made her way to the front, she found out. Metal detectors! Watching in amazement, Tanisha saw each student put their stuff on a table where a policeman searched them. The kids walked through a kind of doorway one at a time. If it beeped, that one was pulled aside. If it didn't, the kid was allowed to keep going into the school.

"Dang", Tanisha said out loud. The kid behind her whispered under his breath, "Don't sweat it. If you got something on ya, just hide it in your pants. They never search the girls."

Tanisha turned around to look at him. He was older than her, in jeans that sagged almost to his knees and tattoos covered his neck and arms.

"Thanks for the tip", Tanisha didn't know what else to say. What kind of "stuff" was he was talking about? She decided she didn't want to find out.

All of this was so different than Tanisha expected. Yeah, she knew Central had its problems with gangs and all the crap that came with them. But actually going through it was a whole new experience for her. It made her feel like a criminal and guilty of something.

When it came to Tanisha's turn, she put her backpack on the table. She watched as the policeman pawed through her books and notebooks. Even her lunch was of interest to this armed guard. Another officer urged her through the metal detectors. Tanisha held her breath, even though she didn't have any "stuff" on her. The machine didn't make a sound so she was waved on to the other side. She picked up her now inspected backpack and started walking down the hall.

Tanisha was still trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened. She was going to have to do this every day? "Dang", she said again. She really wasn't paying attention to where she was going until she heard the cat calls and cuss words. She found herself in the dreaded and to be avoided at all cost "glass hallway". It was famous in the neighborhood. It was a long hallway with large windows on both sides. The benches lined it and were filled with what she guessed were eighth graders. They all seemed to wear the same "uniform" as the boy who had spoken to her in line. Some had girls on their laps or plastered all over them. All were making noises and crude remarks as underclassmen walked past them. "Hey, Bitch, where your momma get your clothes? The Salvation Army? Tanisha turned quickly, afraid she was the target. She was relieved and ashamed to see it was directed at a pudgy white girl. The poor thing walked with her head down, running down the hall in tears.

Tanisha made a quick turn and hurried down a different hallway. She vowed she would never walk that gauntlet. After a few minutes she stopped and looked around. She realized the second worst thing to happen to newbie, was happening to her. Tanisha was lost.


This mostly and basically true. It is a combination of the high school I attended and the one I taught at for ten years.
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